TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

20 hostess gifts for every occasion

Lifestyle expert Lucy Segal spotlights great hostess gifts for occasions such as a barbecue or weekend brunch, including outdoor pool toys, candles, photo frames and monogrammed jewelry.

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>>> for a great party or heading to someone's beach house for this weekend but sweth out how to show your appreciation?

>> you can find the perfect gift. lifestyle expert lucy siegel has some ideas to help you think out of the gift box.

>> come on down, lucy .

>> all right.

>> you have unique gifts. usually people -- i show up with a bottle of champagne or wine.

>> me, too. and i always appreciate it.

>> wine is very common. one of the top gifts along with candles. but what we have here is if you're going to a picnic. look at this awesome blanket. about 38 square feet . and one side is really soft and cozy and the back side is actually water resistant.

>> that's great.

>> fabulous if you are out. this is from lamps plus, believe it or not.

>> eight square feet .

>> you said 38.

>> and then from party city , they make these citronella candles. you always want to bring kids toys. and also use their buckets to fill with ice. and sugarfina is high end candy. they don't melt. it's a special summer bento box of nonmelting candies. and 30% of their candies you can't even buy in the u.s. they travel the world for these candies. kmart, wonderful cozy towels. always a great gift. and put some sunscreen, always a gift to give. and bug spray .

>> let's move to the fun part.

>> of course. drew barrymore just came out with a pinot grigio .

>> those are cute. $24.99. they come with a recipe for sangria which we nut our bed, bath and beyond pitcher. this is under 20 bucks. this is $4.99. and you have the tray here by pretty printing and they also do coasters which you can customize. how cool is that.

>> very cool.

>> i love the colors. so festive.

>> adorable.

>> if you want a sip of the sangria.

>> sure.

>> it's impossible to lift.

>> and bed, bath & beyond.

>> i love that.

>> $5.99. and then you fill it with some food. even your local bakery. what a presentation that makes.

>> bed, bath & beyond? i adore that.

>> wine taste. this you have to go big on if you bring the family . a custom hat from pretty printing . the monogram. giant beach bag. give magazines as a gift.

>> look at the one you might be giving.

>> then macbeth collection makes these custom bins. towel bins. customize them. lamps plus has beautiful frames. take a picture of the event over the weekend. then a diy spa weekend. do it at someone's house. and you can all bring -- chip in and bring something. i love to bring the j.r. watkins girls products. a great blow dryer . md then something brand new. you have to try this. this is agave serum.

>> okay.

>> there we go.

>> now you put that on. it gets the frizzies out of the way. only $40.

>> i like the smell.

>> then blow your hair through it.

>> then lamps plus also gave us some nice celebratory candles. skyy has the new vodka.

>> we've got to run.

>> sorry, lucy . thank you.