TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Feast on these scrumptious crab cakes

Restaurant owner Michael McCarty shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to celebrate summer by making crab cakes with corn-jalapeno salsa and herb aioli.

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>> to get cooking. and we've got a maryland favorite. we're talking crab cakes .

>> crab cakes .

>> all right. you're going to love these.

>> yes, one of our favorite restaurants is michael 's. and michael mccarty is here. he's the owner of the restaurant here in new york and also in santa monica . he's going to share his recipe. and he's brought along one of his new york-based chefs. kyung lin.

>> anything that starts with this, i love already.

>> talk about the crab cakes .

>> this beautiful jumbo lump crab meat from maryland. we're going to make a little binder. japanese bread crumb with just milk. let it sit and stir it.

>> want me to do that for you?

>> sure.

>> you have to work, kath.

>> then egg yolk. dijon mustard .

>> crab meat .

>> worcester sauce . i can never pronounce that.

>> it's the lump crab.

>> don't overmix it. just gentle.

>> oh, don't overmix it. okay.

>> that's the binder so it will hold the crab meat together.

>> should she put this in here?

>> dump this in here.

>> pepper always.

>> dump it in here.

>> and then stir it again?

>> just toss it together.

>> look at that.

>> he's a master chef and we're doing all the work.

>> hello.

>> and then form it up like that.

>> you toss with some flour.

>> tell us what we've got over here. how long do you cook those for?

>> probably two, three minutes a side. very, very quick. your crab is already cooked. you're just trying to warm it up and get it really crispy.

>> we're going to serve that with the famous corn salsa.

>> yes.

>> kyung. you use the red onions . beautiful corn. summer corn is spectacular. jalapenos and cilantro. a little olive oil . key to life is olive oil and moisture. lime juice . salt and pepper . you want to be able to balance it. make sure not too much lime. olive oil will bring it all together.

>> perfect blend.

>> and then assemble it.

>> and you have to have this as a fabulous summer dish.

>> i've been dying to try this wine.

>> we're big rose fans. this is the original pink floyd from the south of france.

>> which is now the home of brad pitt and angelina jolie .

>> they make their beautiful rose. this is the first release.

>> how about a toast.

>> that is delicious.

>> we're going to try your crab cakes .

>> michael 's on wednesdays at lunch it is the place to be.

>> wild.

>> thank you for coming.

>> tomorrow, finding your second act in life.

>> and the garden projects you should tackle yourself. and guess who else is here?

>> tim gunn .