TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Cab driver finds himself in street dance party

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a popular YouTube video in which a cab driver finds himself in the middle of a street dance party after apparently making a wrong turn.

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>>> sara haines dig ups the next video that will put a smile on your face.

>> a cab driver with some moves.

>> that's right. after making a wrong turn in dublin, taxi driver wayne carney found himself in the middle of a dance party . instead of turning around, he just got down with it. check it out. so cute. it's a promotional video . it has over 2 million hits. now think about new york. that guy would be laying on his horn right now. and maybe --

>> i love this.

>> he jumps right in because they are doing a promotional thing. he turned into it. this girl starts to play with him and have a little fun. and he might be getting out of the car momentarily.

>> let's see. come on now. get out of there.

>> that's a great song.

>> how can you not dance to this? it was actually shot by a youtuber.

>> he's got moves.

>> are you sure this isn't a plant?

>> no, legit. that's why everyone else is standing still because the girl just kind of went with it.

>> he's doing a little irish jig .

>> look at that guy, though.

>> okay. now there might be a little bit of something we don't actually see on here but at the end, she gives him a big hug and a little kiss for playing along.

>> did he just turn around and go the other way?

>> he turned around and got out of there. i don't think that would happen in new york.

>> probably not.