TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Wanda Sykes: I feel bad for Paula Deen

Comedian Wanda Sykes is starring in a new comedy show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called “Herlarious.” She has been outspoken about the Paula Deen controversy and says that she does feel bad for the celebrity cook.

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>>> wand sykes is an actress, author and award-winning comedienne who was once named one of the 25 most funniest people in america.

>> now wanda has a new comedy special coming up "herlarious" which features upcoming women comedien comediennes.

>> in this clip you'll like this. wanda spoofs spiritual adviser elaiana van zandt who in real life hosts a show called "fix my life." but this is called "fix my tire."

>> take a look.

>> hey. you are yolanda van zandt .

>> i sure am, my beloved.

>> hey, fix my flat.

>> i can try, boo.

>> this is not your problem. it's the inner tube. that we must deal with. i wanted your family to be here as well. it's the big sister i'm interested in at the moment. this tire, you have a weight problem. you need to let some air out. don't you hiss at me.

>> you are crazy. who are you? that stuff comes from real life , doesn't it?

>> yes, it does. all humor comes from truth.

>> it really does.

>> i love this whole concept. this "herlarious" thing.

>> i'm excited. we shot everything right at harpo. and it was just a great experience. pretty much --

>> do what you want?

>> that's the best. when the suits come in and try to change what is innate and natural to a performer. it doesn't work. it never does. you have to let them go.

>> did you have to clean it up for own?

>> no, no. there's cursing.

>> can you say johnson?

>> well, we -- yeah, we say -- we can say johnson but we can say the other thing, too.

>> richard?

>> we can go to richard.

>> how did you find the comediennes in this show with you?

>> you know, we had -- no, i was just -- i know a lot of comics and the producers that, she sent me some comics. we just looked at the material.

>> at their tapes.

>> and said, okay, this one, this one. some of them were just so funny that i knew i wanted to have them on.

>> that's got to be gratifying, too. if you were that person that couldn't get a break, that couldn't get somebody to say, i see something in you. so it must be great to changing people's lives. giving them an opportunity.

>> i hope so.

>> hope they don't take your job.

>> did you just fly in from france last night?

>> i did. i am a mess right now.

>> you look good.

>> i wasn't even like in paris. i was in the south of france .

>> that ain't bad.

>> you don't want to be in paris this time of year. you want to be in the south of france .

>> but i had a 7:30 train to get to charles de gaulle . i fell asleep on the train and missed my stop. i missed my flight.

>> why did you fall asleep on the train?

>> i was drinking the night before. if you really want to know.

>> there's a story there.

>> were you drinking a fine french wine or tequilaing it?

>> vodka. i was down with the vodka. my brother-in-law. we were drinking all night.

>> you lost your phone. that's the worst --

>> no, someone stole my phone.

>> oh.

>> yeah.

>> are you sure?

>> you put your phone down in france , it's gone.

>> whose numbers are in there?

>> yours. oprah. obama's number is in there. i got some sexy pictures.

>> the government knows all about it already anyway. great. we're looking ford this special. it sounds terrific.

>> and they're going to show the first one that aired last week at 9:00 and then the second one at 10:00 because last week we got kind of --

>> a marathon.

>> last week we premiered at 10:00 on saturday right when the jury decided to --

>> who the hell lets a jury make a verdict on saturday?

>> i've never heard of it. isn't that crazy?

>> don't rain on your parade like that.

>> what did you think of the whole paula deen thing?

>> well, put it this way. she said she's only said the "n" word once but now that she lost her whole empire, i'm pretty sure she's saying it a lot more.

>> you're crazy.

>> do you feel bad for her at all?

>> i do. i do. i feel bad for her. i do.

>> okay. wanda , thanks for coming to see us.

>> you are "herlarious." you can catch her special on own network.