TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Chef Timon Balloo cooks up a Caribbean feast

If you’re wondering what to cook in the hot summer weather, look to the Caribbean for inspiration. Chef Timon Balloo demonstrates how to cook up a meal with the flavors of Trinidad, whipping up Caribbean snapper stew with peppers and tomatoes.

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>>> easy caribbean cooking. if you're wondering what to cook in the hot summer weather, look to the islands for inspiration, man.

>> yeah, mon. chef timon is the executive chef in miami. showing us a one-pot dish with the flavors of trinidad. we were asking how to pronounce your name, it's timon from timon and pumba, and you got balou from the jungle book . you've got this different fusion of flavors.

>> my dad is from trinidad and tobago . we grew up eating this all the time. local fish, this is snapper. beautiful color.

>> could you use any fish in this? if you didn't want to use a snapper.

>> use any local fish, whatever you get and is easy for you. what we do is just dredge the fish in a little bit of flour, or if you don't want the flour, anything, gluten allergy or anything, you could do regular pan sear .

>> you salted it first?

>> little bit of salt. you could salt and pepper your flour also, make sure it's seasoned properly, and apply the fish to the pan and pan sear it.

>> how long do you do on both sides?

>> two to three minutes on each side. it's very, very simple. after the fish is seared, which we have here, beautiful golden brown , you just remove it it from the pan. then you add your other ingredients, which is just a little bit of garlic, onion, peppers, a little bit of fresh thyme, and oregano. everything goes into the pot.

>> using the oil?

>> using the oil. that's the very important thing. you want all the oils from the fish. that's going to character and adds all the flavor to your stew.

>> a lot of great color too.

>> it's beautiful. styling. tropical, great colors. we've added a little bit of stock, vegetable or chicken, whatever you prefer. a little bit of white wine .

>> yum.

>> we add the fish back to the stew. we'll also add some tomatoes and scallions. just that way when the tomatoes break down. they help thicken the stew. and you allow that to cook for about 18 to 20 minutes , depending on the size of your fish.

>> just on the stove top ?

>> exactly. just on the stove top , or you put the whole casserole in the oven. that's what you have here. you have the beautiful fish. it's broken down. the peppers, the onions, so sweet, and it flavored everything so well.

>> is that yucca?

>> this is yucca, actually, also known as casaba. you see it all over the caribbean and south america . we boiled it with a little bit of garlic, onion, and water. that's it. very, very simple.

>> and there's potatoes as well?

>> potato or whatever you like. you can actually even eat it with rice. we put a little bit of that over the stew and finish with a little bit of cilantro and beautiful fresh lime, and bon appetit , you have a beautiful caribbean stewed fish.

>> you eat this for lunch or dinner?

>> lunch. dinner is great. it's nice.

>> would you like to be served?

>> oh, that's fantastic. terrific. timon balou, thank you so much.