TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Tips for 6 common travel dilemmas

We’ve all been there: You’re all ready for your vacation, and then everything that can go wrong does. Lisa Gill of Conde Nast Traveler offers advice on how to deal with lost luggage, getting bumped from your flight, and other travel travails.

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>>> we've all been there. you're all ready for that vacation, and everything that can go wrong does. your flight is delayed, your hotel looks absolutely nothing like the online photos.

>> to help us, conde nast traveler contributing editor, lisa.

>> first of all, you get bumped from your flight , what criteria does the airline use to bump people?

>> it's happening more and more because flights are oversold. generally, if you check in late, if you don't have an assigned seat, and also if you pay rock bottom fare, you're a perfect candidate to be bumped from an overfilled flight . so avoid that. also, if you are involuntarily bumped, and that happens too because flights are overfilled, you do have some rights. you're entitled to compensation from the airline. so definitely ask for that. and also insist you get an assigned seat on the next available flight . there's no limbo for you on stand-by.

>> you get something like a voucher for another flight or take care of your hotel?

>> oftentimes, the form of compensation is a voucher toward the cost of a future flight . you are, however, entitled to ask for the cash equivalent.

>> what do you do if your flight is cancelled all together? show up to the airport, and they cancel it.

>> sometimes the flight is completely cancelled. what you should not do is go ahead and book another flight on a different carrier and assume the carrier you were originally going to fly on will reimburse you because they probably will not. you should get on the phone with the airline and try to rebook the new flight on the phone while also standing in line at the counter. whatever happens first is going to be your best bet .

>> a lot of people, the airline is two hours ahead of time. a lot of people push their luck, get there ten minutes ahead before the flight takes off. are you out of luck at this point?

>> believe it or not, you may have a chance of getting on a flight . there's a flat tire rule, the two-hour rule, not a lot of people know about it. it's not a rule. it's used on a discretionary basis. if you have a flat tire or there's a traffic accident, something beyond your control, and you really mack a concerted effort to get there on time, if you still show up at the airport within two hours of the departure, oftentimes, they will put you free of charge on stand by for the next available flight . don't give up.

>> how about lost luggage in it's the worst thing that can happen, especially on vacation when you need your stuff. what are the rights?

>> 26 million bags have gone lost in the past year. it's a lot of luggage. so checked bags are always the first to get lost because they're out of your control. if you, for example, have to gate check a carry-on bag, and that's happening more and more too as flights are fuller, there's some precautions you can take. always carry your valuables with you. if that means carrying a carry-on within the carry-on, do that. what you don't want to do is leave anything valuable outside of your actual realm.

>> jumping to representntal cars, you're always looking for the best price. whatever the price advertised, odds are add some things to that.

>> there are always taxes, fees, and the dreaded insurance.

>> should you get the insurance?

>> should you get it or not? that's the big question. do you get the extra insurance?

>> if you don't have any car insurance , definitely get the collision, damage, and some liability.

>> but if you already have it.

>> if you have personal car insurance , chances are your insurance policy also covers the cost of anything on the rental side. check with the car insurance policies. always little loopholes here and there. and if you use a credit card , chances are the credit card will offer you secondary insurance on top of it.