TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Al: Emmy nods show ‘ascension of Netflix’

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including the Emmy nominations that were just announced, commenting on the Netflix original series “House of Cards” earning nine nominations.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, july the 18th, 2013 , wrapping up a concert outside. along with al roker and broadway superstar vanessa williams helping us out this week while natalie is out on royal baby watch. vanessa is starring with cecily tyson at t tyson on broadway currently.

>> so you come here.

>> go and do a matinee.

>> and another show after that?

>> back at 7:00 for another show.

>> and you have a 13-year-old in camp that you're managing in the city.

>> that i pick up at 4:00 after this.

>> you look so fresh.

>> makeup and hair.

>> not to mention it's 130 degrees outside.

>> but it's a dry heat .

>> i heard somebody say this would be the hottest day of the year in new york .

>> yesterday we hit 97. we might get to 98 today.

>> 98?

>> with a feels like temperature of about 104. although i think, once you get past 98, does that six degrees make much of a big difference? i feel pretty fresh right now at 98. 104, oh.

>> it ruins everything. let me tell you the worst place in new york to be where i was yesterday. any subway platform.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you did that?

>> no ventilation.

>> but you know, when the train's coming in, you get that rush of hot tepid air. that's fantastic.

>> it's sad when i actually look forward to -- i take the local. the express goes by at 50 miles an hour, and you just drink it in.

>> it's kind of like the scent of jasmine coming over the holy river. it's just fantastic.

>> the rats are passing out. it's disgusting scene down there.

>> the rats have bottles of water.

>> it is ugly out there.

>> they're dropping their metro card . hey, how about those emmys?

>> we just got the emmy nominations just hot off the press ins our hands. the 65th primetime emmy nominations just out.

>> big story , the ascension of netflix.

>> netflix, nine nominations for " house of cards ." three for " arrested development ." let's go through some of these. lead actor in a drama series . downton abby, hugh bonneville , brian cranston , breaking bad . hbo 's the news room. jon hamm . damien lewis , who won the award for homeland. and kevin spacey . you're crazy about this show.

>> " house of cards " is by far my favorite drama this year. netflix put it all out at once so you could binge watch it. it is spectacular. in fact, this year on the strength of house of cards , netflix is now streaming more customers than hbo has subscribers. it's crazy.

>> they're changing the game.

>> it shows you how television watching is different now. it's not just the networks.

>> i remember back when you had to get up and turn the channel.

>> that's right. only cable on tv was the power cable . i remember that. lead actress in a drama series .

>> were you an old southern white man?

>> i was back in the day. i remember when i was an old southern black man. i used to sit around.

>> stay in character for this.

>> going on the lead actor of a drama series .

>> nashville, that's appropriate for you, connie briton. she's con ffantastic on the show. claire danes won last year for homeland. michelle dockry, downton abby. carrie washington, isn't she great?

>> they really bumped it up this year.

>> and robin wright , " house of cards ." let's go to lead actor comedy. back to netflix, jason bateman for " arrested development ."

>> imagine if we had graphics. it would be spectacular. " arrested development " coming back after three seasons on fox and five years difference, and there's been a lot of differing opinions about the quality of the show, but people dig it.

>> the audience is still there.

>> done cheadle, " house of lies ." and alec baldwin , kind of a sentimental favorite.

>> last season of " 30 rock ."

>> and louis c.k. lena dunham for "girls" on hbo . tina fey , again from " 30 rock ." and edie falco , who's great on "nurse jackie." vanessa williams an authority on this, nominated three times. and didn't win.

>> and robbed.

>> but isn't it just an honor to be nominated?

>> it is an honor.

>> the heck with that.

>> when you get that phone call in the early morning , it's great, though. nothing like that.

>> but you would like a second phone call that said you won. that would be nice as well. do you remember who won those categories those years?

>> the first --

>> not that you dwell on it.

>> let's see.

>> while you're thinking about that.

>> she knows. keep thinking.

>> drama series .

>> breaking bad , downton abbey, game of thrones , house of cards , there it is again, and mad men.

>> for best comedy, girls, veep -- julia louis-dreyfus is amazing in that. that's one of the funniest comedies ever. modern family, 30 rock , and the big bang theory . i wrote it down. i was reading it off the screen.

>> i was wondering where you were getting your intel from. i'm going back now. we didn't mention julia louis-dreyfus, lead actress in a comedy series . i assume she was nominated. she won last year.

>> she was.

>> she's fantastic on that show, by the way.

>> good luck to everyone.

>> that's right.

>> it's an honor just to be nominated.

>> that's right.

>>> to a more serious story, this " rolling stone " magazine cover.

>> there's still some fallout. there was controversy yesterday when this cover came out. released online for " rolling stone ," a preview of friday's edition with in depth article chronicling the life and times of the bomber, they call him, dzhokhar tsarnaev, his life leading up to the boston marathon bombing, features a picture of tsarnaev with the hair falling across his face.

>> it was actually a selfie.

>> kind of a matinee idol shot. drug store chains cvs, walgreens, rite-aid all told me they will not sell the " rolling stone " magazine featuring the cover of that young man. cvs put out a story saying, "as a company with deep roots in boston, we believe this with the right decision out of respect for the victims of attack and their loved ones ." we all lived in new york . any time i saw anything about 9/11 that in any way elevated or tried to explain away the acts of terrorists, it always offended me a little bit. having said that, this photograph has appeared before in the new york times and "the washington post ," and the " rolling stone " makes the case, we're talking about a kid who could be anybody in america, and that's the point of the piece.

>> i think it's the placement and the context of the picture. it bears a striking resemblance to that famous " rolling stone " jim morrison cover, and people feel like you're glorifying him.

>> it's a hot topic , and that's what their job is to do, to make people --

>> to sell magazines.

>> and they had charles manson on years ago. it's not unusual for them.

>> in fact, there have been a number of controversial magazine covers, at least ones that have been kind of designed to get people talking. the o.j. picture on "time," where they doctored his skin color .

>> demi moore posing nude pregnant. obviously, these are not in any way related to " rolling stone ."

>> shock value.

>> the ellen "time" cover was an iconic and famous one, "yep, i'm gay." and then the mom breast-feeding "time" cover.

>> which works out pretty well for our next story.

>> it did. here's the segue. there's a british newspaper called "the express," it's reported a young mother feeding her 9-month-old son in a public jacuzzi was asked to stop because staff told her no food or drink is allowed by the pool. she was breaking the food or drink rule.

>> but a jacuzzi, though?

>> i guess she wanted to warm the milk.

>> oh.

>> is there anything better than taking your 9-month-old in the jacuzzi?

>> that's what i have a problem with.

>> they didn't actually kick her out of the pool, but a man approached her and said, ma'am, there's noed fo efood or drink in the pool. they let her stick around. she was trying to calm the young boy 's nerves by a little breast-feeding.

>> i saw a carving on a temple in egypt, and it was a woman standing up breast-feeding her kid.

>> in a jacuzzi?

>> 3,000 years ago.

>> that is a "time" magazine cover. some things never change.

>> we did enjoy the animal print top.

>> there you go.

>> nice, strong.

>> so the general manager of the pool said, the lifeguard spoke to the woman about the food or drink policy, and they sort of apologized to her after the fact.

>> it could have been worse. she could have had twins. hey, natalie 's on royal baby watch. natalie , are you at the wrong hospital ?

>> reporter: there is some question this morning because kate is spending some time in buck buckleberry, obviously enjoying peace and relaxation before baby comes, whether she would deliver up there at the hospital . but actually, we are told by the palace this is still the place. st. mary's is most likely going to be the place where she delivers. it's the place where william delivered and harry delivered. it seems that, most likely, all plans are in place still as a go here at this hospital . it is more private. the royal barkshire hospital in reading cannot offer the privacy that this hospital does. so that is just a contingency plan . if there were an emergency, if she would have no time to real ly -- i can't see what you're seeing.

>> we're just seeing the royal berkshire hospital .

>> obviously, a beautiful hospital , but it's a public hospital and not very private. i think i'm in the right place. i hope i'm in the right place. otherwise, i've been here on baby watch the whole week, and i'm hoping to see a baby by the end of this week.

>> anything will do?

>> reporter: to pass my time, i'm enjoying a game of cards . they play this game called top trumps here. they've made the baby version. this is prince william when he was a baby. here's kate when she was a little girl . and, of course, prince harry . and we've come up with our own cards now. we have vanessa williams baby cards. isn't that cute? she's only been on the throne for a day. i don't know what throne they're talking about. and then al roker , cute. now, al, you're a 10. you're winning in that category. but willie beat you.

>> nice romper.

>> i, of course, am just a 2. guys, send it back to you.

>> you wore a crown even back then. that's very impressive.

>> she's knitting. now she's playing cards .

>> i was born with a crown on my head.

>> your poor mom.

>> yeah.

>> we'll check back in with you or the right hospital a little bit later in