TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

The art of wearing a suit well

Whether you wear a suit to work or pull one out of the closet only for special occasions, there is an art to wearing a suit. Tyler Thoreson of shares some tips on looking your most debonair in a suit.

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>>> back at 8:40 with fashion advice for the fellas, whether you wear a suit to work every day or pull it out for special occasions, there's an actual process to getting it right. tyler thorsen is the men's editor of let's give people practical advice. the thing is the suit you wore five or ten years ago looks a whole lot different than the suit you want guys to be wearing today.

>> that is absolutely true. the art of the suit really does come down to fit. and the fit has evolved. in the '90s, it was a little long and blousy. lengths are coming back up, and guys are deciding i should wear a suit that fits.

>> shorter jackets, narrower pants, get rid of the pleats.

>> true story , absolutely. go with the trimmer look, and you know what, know your size.

>> most guys wear suits that are too big.

>> get measured. go to a tailor. go to a shop. ask a sales associate to measure you. what you think may fit may be a size big. just go down a size, give it a shot.

>> give us some examples. we've got peter here, right? this is the new power suit . what are the features of this?

>> everything here is classic but current. that's what i have to say. this is a club monitor suit, a really hot brand right now. it fits perfectly. it's all about proportion here. the tie tied with a forehand, love that knot. that's what you're wearing. the gray suit, showing a little cuff, crisp pocket square . everything will be in style five to ten years from now, but it looks incredibly current.

>> and that jacket is two or three inches shorter than what you have in your closet from five years ago.

>> it probably is, and it looks great. the trousers are also trimmer.

>> thanks so much. there you go. let's go to max. what kind of suit is he wearing?

>> this is a banana republic suit. it the a navy suit, very traditional, cut very well. he's wearing a suit because he wants to, not because he necessarily has to. we've got him with a sports shirt, gingham, less form al. i think it's a great look for a guy who wants to add a layer of style to his wardrobe. no socks, fun look, suede loafer, not for the workplace that requires a suit, but for the workplace that appreciates a guy who puts in a little extra effort. we love that, a gilt man.

>> let's move over to josh now. this is a more casual suit.

>> it sure is. you could say he's dressing down the suit. he may be dressing up the polo. the key here is the lines between casual and formal are really blurred right now in men's wear. it's a great thing. if you're going to do this, the cotton suit, inherently less dressy, go with a great polo that you can wear that complements the color of the suit. you can wear this on the weekend, and, of course, the sneakers.

>> but the sneakers are acceptable, but a certain kind of sneaker.

>> a certain kind of sneaker. i would go with, a, a court shoe , not a running shoe , and keep it monochromatic. no logos or pops of color. this is a fun, cool look, but keep it in check.

>> guys, you all look great. thank you very much. tyler,