TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

PayPal error sends customer $92 quadrillion

In a startling error, Chris Reynolds found himself, for a moment, $92 quadrillion richer. PayPal quickly fixed the error and offered to make a donation to a charity of Reynolds’ choice.

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>>> trending on the website of the "new york daily news," what would you do if you were the richest man or woman in the world for two minutes? that's when a pennsylvania man was a quadrillionaire. when chris reynolds opened his paypal account, he found his balance swollen to the mind boggling sum of $22 quadrillion. it comes as no surprise it was an accident. paypal quickly realized its error and offered to make a donation to a charity of reynolds' choice. reynolds, who sells auto parts in his spare time says, if he really were a quadrillionaire, he would pay down the national debt . what? okay.

>> i think that's good.

>> the offer to donate to charity is a little bogus. they only offered to donate 1 quadrillion dollars quadrillion, and that's a fraction of what the mistake was.

>> how many zeros in quadrillion?

>> i guessed it. i hope i'm close. i said 15.

>> 12.

>> 15, i think is it.

>> ding, ding, ding, ding.

>> what comes after quadrillion?

>> a whole lot of money.