TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

‘Sharknado’ star: Hype over the movie is ‘crazy’

Cassie Scerbo, one of the stars of Syfy’s “Sharknado,” talks about the TV-movie’s popularity, saying she “never expected” it would be her big break and revealing there will be a sequel set in New York City.

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can we say hello to one of the stars of one of the most surprising and outrageously popular movies of the summer, sharknado. this is scaasi skerbow.

>> i'm very confused as to the whole sharknado things. i'm so caught off guard. really, america? sharknado is what we're trending over 24 hours on twitter. i'm not complaining, about you it's crazy. it's amazing.

>> you didn't think this was going to be your big break ?

>> no. my publicist literally called me the next morning and said, so, sharknado is your big break , huh? i never expected it, but i'll take it.

>> now there's going to be a sequel to sharknado.

>> we just found out yesterday there's going to be a sequel, and apparently it's going to be taking place here in new york city . i'm from here originally. so that's very exciting for me.

>> will you see sharks or some other kind of dread animal?

>> i'm guessing it's probably going to feature sharks, but you never know with sci-fi. i'm ready for anything.

>> and the name, the sequel, you're kind of going to the public again to get a good name?

>> they're doing actually a contest to figure out the name. i'm still, like i said, stunned. it comes on again tonight actually at 7:00 p.m . for anyone who missed this crazy extravaganza.

>> or who wants to see it again.

>> by the way, we have an idea. frogquake. a quake storm causes frogs to rise from the ground.

>> wow, okay.

>> i think hi that nightmare last night.

>> sharkicane.

>> thunder shark. the shark comes down like a bolt.

>> that's a good one. i was thinking sharkopolis.

>> that's good.

>> something like that, i don't know.

>> i think we just jump the shark.

>> exactly. cassie, good to see you. congrats.

>> thank you.

>> as she mentioned, you can see another airing of sharknado tonight at 7:00/6:00 central time on syfy.