TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Sassy tip jars that order you to pay up

Tip jars can be easy to ignore, but a few are gaining attention online for their clever ways of coaxing customers into giving a little extra.

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>> fancy tip jars to make you smile. one of the most creative ways shops are giving you a way to laugh at the register. we wanted to share a few. how about a tip giardiasis guysguys ed as a complaint jar. if you're going to write a complaint, you need to write it on a dollar bill . remember, "cheers mate is not acceptable." and here's one to pull at your heart strings. i can only swim in money. so the little fish needs money. please don't let me die.

>> i'd give to that one. that one's good. i like that one.

>> i saw a different one on sunday. i took my kids into a coffee shop , and the tip jar said, god knows if you leave a tip or not.

>> maybe they only use that one on sunday.