TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Royal baby watch: Is Duchess Kate late?

While royal watchers around the world continue to wait for the arrival of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s baby, it appears even royal family members are getting impatient as the queen reveals she hopes the baby is born before her upcoming holiday. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> to the great kate wait. the duchess of cambridge's reported due date has come and gone, leaving some to wonder if it's because the royal baby is the couple's first child. natalie morales is live outside the hospital with more on this. natalie, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. first, there is some question, after this whole week of waiting here, if i'm actually waiting at the wrong hospital . we'll have more on that in just a moment. yes, as you mentioned, it does appear that kate may be a bit late, and now the queen is even chiming in, saying she's hoping for some good news and soon.

>> i'd very much like it to arrive. i'm going on holiday.

>> reporter: now even the queen is weighing in. this child is, of course, will and kate 's first, but does that explain the apparent delay?

>> the thing about the due date is that probably only about 1 in 20 women give birth on that date.

>> reporter: according to the mayo clinic , women may be more likely to have an overdue pregnancy if they've had prior overdue pregnancies, the baby is a boy, or in kate 's case, it's the first child.

>> what we do know is that any labor after certainly 37 weeks is considered to be full term. the chances are she's already passed that. if she goes more than about ten days over her due date , then i'm quite sure her doctors will be talking seriously about inducing her.

>> reporter: according to princess diana 's biographer, andrew morton , william 's mother was induced because she couldn't take the heat, in more ways than one.

>> she says in your book that she had to be induced because she couldn't handle the press pressure any longer. what was she going through at that point?

>> at that time, the heat of the summer, towards the end of her pregnancy, the last thing they want is to be waddling around in the heat, as she said to me, william was well cooked.

>> reporter: no doubt this summer's british heat wave is making kate 's wait just a little more uncomfortable. now, kate is still believed to be up in buckleberry at her parents' house enjoying a little peace and quiet there. there are reports and some speculation this morning that, if she goes into labor, could she possibly deliver the baby there nearby at the royal barkshire hospital in reading? that has always been a contingent plan, says the palace, but they do expect she'll have the time to make it here to the privacy of st. mary's hospital where william and harry were also delivered. matt and savannah, back to you.

>> you mentioned the barkshire hospital in reading. don't be mad, but michelle kosinski is there just in case. michelle, what's the deal? are there signs? is there anything that makes you think that maybe kate 's going there?

>> reporter: we're hoping to see this baby first. we want the first glimpse of this child, just kidding. but the press has descended here, as obviously we have too. this is the royal barkshire hospital , where kate herself was born. it's right around the corner really from the georgian mansion her parents just bought in buckleberry, which is the town where kate grew up. will watchers think that's where kate spent her last weekend with her family and where she is right now. if she really is about to go into labor any day now or any minute now, this would be the closest hospital . the thing is, this is supposedly just a contingency plan , if there was some emergency or if labor progressed very quickly. this is a public hospital . there's no fancy private wing such as where kate is planning to have the royal baby. though something tells me they could probably work something up for the duchess. we're about an hour and a half drive from london. so likely, that would be plenty of time, especially with a police escort, if kate went into labor and there were no problems. we asked the hospital , what exactly does this contingency plan entail? they told us, you know what, we're not even talking about it because, as far as we're concerned, she is having this baby in london.

>> all right.

>> nobody knows, right?

>> michelle kosinski at one hospital , natalie at the other. may be the best stalker win.

>> that's real nice.

>> coming up, we'll take a turn. get ready for sharknado the sequel.

>> she means that in the best possible way.

>>> and fifth harmony in concert outside after your local news.