Martin Schoeller / GQ

TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Biden: I’m keeping my options open for 2016

In an interview in GQ magazine, Vice President Joe Biden addresses rumors about whether he’ll mount a White House run in 2016, saying he’s keeping his options open, regardless of whether Hillary Clinton runs.

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>>> today, the most misunderstood man in washington. that's what a new profile in gq magazine called vice president joe biden , the headline, have you heard the one about president biden? that's no joke. the article challenges the idea that the sometimes gaffe-prone vp doesn't have a chance to win the white house , especially if hillary clinton decides to run. the thought is that joe biden is standing on the sidelines waiting to hear if hillary's going to run. if she decides to run, she'll be a juggernaut and he'll stay out. not so fast. joe biden says, you know what, there's a chance i'm running no matter what.

>> he wants to keep his options open. maybe more importantly, he wants washington to know he is keeping those options open so that he's not a lame duck.