TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Kids react to controversial Cheerios ad

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Al Roker, along with guest anchor Vanessa Williams, chat about a video showing a group of kids reacting to the Cheerios ad that caused controversy because it showed a mixed-race family.

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>> you, this chea commercial, it had a little girl with a white mom and her black father. at the time, the vice president of marketing for cheerios said consumers responded positively to the add. we know there's many kinds of families and we celebrate them all. now the film makers have created a video in which a group of children are shown the commercial and we love some of their reactions.

>> people have gotten very angry about this commercial.

>> why?

>> why?

>> why is that exactly?

>> how do they get angry over -- but what?

>> they're angry because they're mixed race parents?

>> they're angry because they're mixed race parents. do you know what that means.

>> yep.

>> one's white and one's black.

>> that's exactly why people have gotten upset.

>> why?

>> i don't think that that is fair.

>> when was this video made the 19 50s? that's so stupid.

>> but some people just fall in love like that.

>> oh.

>> isn't that cool.

>> that is perfect right there.

>> i think there was a lot of talk about this in the media. there was a dprogroup of people online that had that reaction but most people looked at that and didn't bat an eye. there's a subset of people that were offended or had a racist reaction to it but i think the reaction of most adults would be more similar to the kids.

>> we're doing a good job raising our kids.

>> what does it matter if you're black or white ? it's if you're nice or mean? and boiled it all down.