TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Danielle Bradbery: Success after ‘Voice’ is ‘crazy’

“The Voice” winner Danielle Bradbery tells Kathie Lee and Hoda she never thought she’d get to perform on the TODAY concert stage like other music stars. She adds that she loves all the success, but doesn’t want to miss her school’s homecoming.

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>>> that is 16-year-old singing sensation danielle bradbery, who debuted her new single called "the heart of dixie ." last month she became the youngest contestant to win "the voice," coached by who else, blake shelton .

>> before "the voice," this young lady never performed in front of a crowd, singing only to her friends in her bedroom, now she's got millions of fans listening to her. she's here with us today and it's only been one month since you won it. that's a fast turn around to get your first single out there.

>> oh, yeah.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> out on our plaza were people like sting, beyonce, coldplay. danielle bradbery.

>> how did that feel singing on the plaza today, danielle ?

>> it was crazy. i never thought i'd be standing up there. yeah, when i found out i was, i couldn't believe it. i always watched so many popular stars, like, sing up there, i watched hunter hayes up there.

>> yeah, is he one of the guys you like a lot? my daughter likes him very much, too. he's talented.

>> he's really, really cool.

>> do you still have those moments where you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder did this all really happen to me? how does it feel now?

>> it's crazy to think i was singing in my room and i did not like people looking at me when i sang. it's a big difference in how i feel now.

>> did you know you had a gift, though?

>> i don't know. i thought i could carry a tune. i love singing. i guess my mom would just always hear me and then she was the one that was like, okay, the audition is in dallas and we'll just go. i didn't believe her at first.

>> how great to have a parent that supports you so much, though. that's awesome.

>> what singers do you look at and say i'd like my career to go down the path this one is going down.

>> well, of course, carrie underwood and taylor swift . she kind of can relate to what i'm going through.

>> do you write tunes, as well?

>> no, i don't, but i'm really interested in starting to.

>> you know what i've discovered, danielle , people will pay a lot of money to write with you and say you wrote it. that happens a lot, a lot. not that i'm suggesting you do that, because that would be wrong.

>> what about high school ? you're in the last year of high school , are you still going, what's going on with school?

>> i'm going to be a junior.

>> you going to go back? is there a talk of home schooling ?

>> i'm not sure. right now i'm doing online schooling for students that travel. it's easy doing everything at once. i don't want to miss homecoming or anything.

>> you are so adorable. do you miss your friends?

>> i do. i do. they've been so supportive, so it's easy to stay in contact with them.

>> are you finding people are treating you a little differently? you know what, keep the friends you had all along, you know? look at all the trouble so many of these young kids get into because they leave the past behind and forget what's really valuable and important in life. you do that, i'm telling you right now, hoda and i will find you and spank you.

>> we're not --

>> find her and hurt her.

>> okay.

>> we will hurt her by having to come and live with me for a month. trust me, honey, ask my kids, you don't want that. promise us.

>> okay.

>> okay, all right.

>> we wish you the best of luck, you don't need