TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

‘Betches’ dish on why people should wait on them

Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman are the creators of the popular website “Betches Love This,” which pokes fun at pop culture and the lifestyles of people in the 20s. They explain their theory that it’s OK to be a mean girl.

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>>> don't be easy. don't be ugly. and drink iced coffee . that's the game plan if you want to be a betch, which rhymes with fetch.

>> jordana, samantha, and eileen are the 20-something creators of the wildly successful, yet controversial blog. they are also the authors of "nice is just a place in france." although that's nice, but anyway.

>> hi, ladies.

>> hi.

>> what is a betch?

>> okay, well, it's a girl who's pretty empowered and knows what she wants and is really confident about going after things she wants, but also has a cool air about her.

>> let's read a quote from your book so we know what we're talking about here. this is about people being shallow. being shallow and judging people solely on their appearances is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. on the contrary, it's the wisest way to live, if only for the sake of efficiency, who doesn't actually judge a book by its cover. is that funny ha-ha or do you mean it?

>> how much is tongue in cheek? it goes so much against what we've been taught about how to be a contributing member of the planet and make things better for everybody, not just our selfish selves.

>> of course. i mean, a lot of it has elements of truth to it, which, obviously, we see, you know, everywhere in society, but at its heart, it's satire, extremely exaggerated, devil on your shoulder whispering what you're thinking but wouldn't say out loud.

>> you say it's not great to be nice and it's okay to be late because you deserve it.

>> when we say nice, it's not so much should you be a nice person and not, i don't know, bitchy to people, but you shouldn't really let people take advantage of you and walk all over you.

>> not be a door mat.

>> here's the late quote, because we're both weirdly on time, we're actually both early for every lunch. here it is, we simply don't have time to be on time. being late is a way to show people that you're better than them, and, therefore, that your time is more valuable.

>> right.

>> okay, you take that one.

>> we read it properly.

>> it's really about how why should we wait for other people when they should be waiting for us, but there are exceptions to this rule. we came very early here.

>> of course, you did.

>> because you want something from us.

>> here's the thing, okay, you can say that, but then when somebody's late for something that matters to you --

>> that's not okay.

>> you can go crazy about that.

>> how do you account for this book being so popular?

>> i think we were saying a lot of the things that a lot of girls our age in our generation are thinking, but they are not really saying out loud, so i think it is almost like a guilty pleasure, like, we can watch this and relate to these things but we would never say them out loud but someone else is so they want to read it.

>> ladies, we wish you good luck with this book.

>>> tomorrow --

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