TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

6 ways to remove unwanted hair

Rebekah George from shows off a handful of products and tips that will help you remove unwanted hair from your upper lip, under the arms and from your bikini area.

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>>> when it's actually on the top of our head, hair is sexy and luxurious, but for many, not me, when it starts showing up on your lip, legs, arms, backs, ears, and other places, you know what i'm talking about, you just want it to go away.

>> depending where it's sprouting from --

>> don't say sprout.

>> there are ways to get rid of it that are better than others. rebecca george of knows all the best ways to get the hair off.

>> hey.

>> hey!

>> these are inexpensive ways. you can always go and get it lasered off.

>> you are going to spend thousands of dollars and a lot of time making appointments. these are all products to do in the comfort of your own home.

>> and they work.

>> and they work.

>> look at our lucky model.

>> nair, looks like she's still got it.

>> this is rita and she does not have a milk mustache, this is the newest from bliss. what's so cool about this, it's not smelly, it's not messy.

>> just for the fuzz or for the real stuff?

>> it is just for the fuzz.

>> is it for menopausal gray hairs ?

>> kathie lee , you were right, menopausal hormone fluctuations can bring on those hairs, but it will work. apply it, leave it on for three minutes, then you're literally going to take the applicator and scrape it off like you're cooking something.

>> what kind of reaction does your skin have?

>> your skin is not going to have a major reaction. this is best for the upper lip and you'll just remove excess.

>> what about peach fuzz on the side of your face?

>> it can do that and get to work in three minutes. you're not going to have any redness. it kills the hair bulb.

>> three minutes, don't leave it on more than that.

>> don't, or you'll have other problems.

>> we are shaving our legs constantly.

>> shaving is the best bet , because you don't have to allow the hair to grow in too deeply to wax, so you want to do this every day.

>> should you use shaving cream or lotions?

>> you can use shaving cream . i like this one, you can get it at, but this is the newest from gillette raizor. it has a built-in shave cream . no need to use shave cream and has moisturizer.

>> i like that one.

>> try that out.

>> yes.

>> dip it in the water and do it anywhere you need to.

>> okay. now where are we?

>> okay. let's talk about waxing. you want to take it all off. so, arms, stomach, you want to get rid of hair everywhere. you're heading to the beach, got to show those apps. this is the newest from veet. easy wax roll-on kit. the wax is built in.

>> it's not too hot.

>> you warm it up. what's so special about this is when you warm up wax in the microwave, say, or the stove the old-fashioned way, you can get it too hot and burn yourself, but you also can apply a thicker layer, so with this because it's dispensing it, you get a nice, even layer.

>> how long will that last?

>> it can last about 28 days , because this can get, get this, a hair that's, like, 1/28 of a millimeter.

>> this is called veet?

>> $40 and comes with everything you need and wipes to take off residue. let's talk about brows, meet nicole, she's a brow virgin, never has tweezed her brow.

>> that's why they look nice and natural and beautiful.

>> she's got gorgeous brows and my best advice to everyone is not overdo it with the tweezing.

>> don't pluck it away.

>> always go in and get a professional tweezing because it really frames your whole face. and if you can't go get a professional tweezing, you can pick up these stencils. they are available at sephora. how smart is this? anastasia is like the biggest brow guru out there so you don't overdo it, just place the stencil on your brow and one by one take those guys out.

>> brave woman.

>> look, just subtle, look at the difference.

>> how pretty.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you so much.

>>> all right, do nice girls really finish last?

>> uh-oh.

>> this is going to be interesting. sparks are going to fly. how to win at everything.