TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Royal baby quiz! How many kids does Queen have?

How many children does Queen Elizabeth have? When will Will and Kate take the first picture of the royal baby? TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Alison Bernstein of The Bump, quiz fans.

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>>> and we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew." as the world holds its breath waiting for the royal baby, we thought we'd brush up on british royal baby facts. kathie lee is across the street and ready to hand out $100 to those who get the answer right, to those who don't, you'll get kathie lee 's cd. you'll love it. here to help me out, editor of, allison bernstein. the eyes are focused, aren't they?

>> i can't wait.

>> let's go ahead with the questions.

>> this lovely lady here from dallas, texas. prince william and prince harry were both born at the st. mary's hospital. where was prince charles born? at home, b at.

>> the hospital.

>> no, no, no, it's excellent, she gets "scandalous"!

>> yes, indeed, she's going to love it. correct answer here, he was born at home in buckingham palace .

>> as were all royals up to prince william and harry. they were all born at home. i'm sure home is nicer when it's a palace, right?

>> they have all the medical equipment and do the whole bit.

>> yes, yes, absolutely.

>> back across.

>> this lady is from new orleans. how many children does queen elizabeth have? one, two, four, or five?

>> four.

>> yeah.

>> see, let me tell you, new orleans girls know how to holler. that's for sure. four kids.

>> she did stiff upper lip four times to make sure there were plenty of heirs in line for the throne.

>> all the kids are?

>> charles, andrew, ann, and edward.

>> back across to kathie.

>> lovely lady from atlanta. true or false, the first picture of the royal baby will be taken with william and kate on the steps of the st. mary's hospital. first picture.

>> true.

>> wow. it is right. so, they have that all choreographed?

>> yes, and they are going to follow right in line of charles and diana. that's where they took a picture with prince william .

>> i do remember that photo.

>> it's very memorable and they'll be doing the exact same thing.

>> wow, okay. natalie morales is there, maybe she'll get the first look.

>> from kent, ohio. historically, what has been one of the biggest fears when it comes to the birth of a british royal baby? news of the royal baby's birth would be leaked before the rest of the royal family was contacted, the baby would be swapped after birth, the baby would be premature, or the baby would not want to be royal ? how does a baby -- never mind.

>> let's say, b.

>> yeah.

>> oh, my gosh. the correct answer, they are worried the baby would be swapped after birth?

>> and, in fact, they had a member of parliament present at birth to make sure it was the baby that was born, because if it wasn't a male, they weren't in line for a throne. that's different, they just changed the rules, but back then if they had a female, they were afraid they might swap a new baby.

>> did that ever happen?

>> i don't think it did, but they put place things to make sure it didn't.

>> back across.

>> this lady is from one of my favorite places in the whole country, upper peninsula of michigan . why are you here? never mind. what percentage of british women who give birth in a hospital also have a midwife present? less than 10%, about a third, less than half, more than 85%?

>> b?

>> oh, my gosh. kathie's face. everyone is guessing and they are right. about a third?

>> american women, less than 8%. british women are really supportive of the midwife tradition, but princess kate will be having two obs instead.

>> time for one more.

>> from illinois, it's supposed that the new royal baby, like many members of the royal family , will have more than one middle name . what is prince william 's given name? william charles arthur louis , william george phillip louis , william henry charles louis , or william arthur phillip louis ?

>> i'll go with, a.

>> finally, i get to give a cd away.

>> yes. the correct answer is, d,

william arthur phillip louis: yes, and his full title was your royal highness .

>> all right, we're waiting. all right, thanks for joining us,