TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

LOL! Woman’s outfit blends with wallpaper

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows Kathie Lee, Hoda and visiting comedian Jeff Garlin hilarious photos sent in from viewers, including one of a woman whose outfit seems to blend in with the wallpaper.

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>>> it's wines day wednesday, and you know what that means.

>> what the what!

>> sara haines has sifted through all the photos that made you say -- what the what? and she's here with this week's top pick.

>> you are so good.

>> really good.

>> i am a professional and i'm surrounded by beauty.

>> well,let get to our winner of the caption contest last week. i showed you this photo and asked you to send us your best caption and you did. the winning caption from dona males boccelli, seriously, dude, saying the foot tastes way better than the hand.

>> that's good, yeah.

>> we don't bat 1,000 every time.

>> give us a caption.

>> what would you have said?

>> no -- you don't want to --

>> keep it clean, keep it clean.

>> no, my caption would be, i think your second toe is going to get the booger.

>> winning caption just moved.

>> i'm sorry.

>> we'll reveal our next photo at the end of this segment, but the first photo was sent in from shelly bogelli.

>> by the way, based on that shirt with the background, is that shelly ?

>> she did not know about that wallpaper before she came.

>> sure she did.

>> she did not.

>> she lined up the whole thing. i used to date shelly and she loved wearing wallpaper inspired outfits. everywhere we went. she loved floral prints.

>> too much, shelly .

>> by the way, a gentle lovemaker. she really was.

>> next up, claire from new orleans sent in this photo. we have red balls, yellow balls, green balls, and blue balls too!

>> good, something for everyone.

>> actually, i don't think blue balls are for everyone. i really don't.

>> are they for anyone?

>> no.

>> we don't judge.

>> we don't judge.

>> our third photo is from wellington, florida. soup of the day , vodka.

>> all right. all right.

>> all right, kids. well, how's that?

>> nothing to say about that?

>> is the segment over?

>> it's over.

>> wow, i actually am glad i stayed, though.

>> we love you.

>> no sarcasm, happy to be here, but i am now leaving. john, it's over. don't punish yourself, it's my fault. of course it's your fault and i'm not punishing myself.