TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

KLG: Kanye should say ‘I love you’ to paparazzi

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at video from TMZ showing Kanye West getting testy with the paparazzi trying to ask him a few questions. KLG says he should just tell them “I love you” and move on.

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>>> hello, everybody. it's wines day would you wednesday and it's july 17th and who knew it is national peach ice cream day?

>> every day has spg. honestly.

>> usually we have some in front of us.

>> we would need it today, because it is a true scorcher in new york. it's going to feel in new york like 104 with the heat index . the temps are going to be in the 90s and it's that way across the eastern seaboard .

>> causing a real burden on a lot of people, health issues for a lot of elderly and sickly people. please, try to be smart.

>> you know what's funny, my sister --

>> check on elderly neighbors, everybody.

>> my sister lives in dubai. by the way, when i got to dubai, it was 120. it was like as if you put your head in an oven, it was that kind of hot. you have a headache. my sister was like, oh, my gosh, it's cooling off.

>> your body acclimates. i couldn't stay long enough to acclimate.

>> people were eating outside, sitting outside in cafes in that kind of heat.

>> i went walking with cass and we were going to walk our five miles into town and get a pedicure. we walked for two and a half miles, stopped at dunkin' donuts. you know what, i don't enjoy it when it's that hot. it's not smart for elderly people .

>> you are not elderly. when is your birthday coming up?

>> a month from yesterday, but i don't want to talk about it.

>> you don't?

>> today i look like a cue ball, don't i? i should have left more hair around the face. tell us what you think. i look like yosef our stage manager.

>> we want to see.

>> come up with me, darling, stand right next to me, please.

>> we need a split screen.

>> take your headphone off for one sec.

>> cheek to cheek.

>> thank you.

>> you know what, you're right.

>> yeah, yeah. i knew it the minute i said, no, too much. i have a friend in the audience i'd love you all to say hello to. she is a lovely, lovely woman. lois has been my friend forever. she was married to fred for many, many years. we lost fred four years ago. finest impressionist in the world, and a singer and a writer and a good friend. and so nice to see you, honey.

>> thanks for being here.

>> look at fred on youtube and see what the world lost when this man left us. he was brilliant.

>> speaking of passings, we have a little bit more information, you guys, on cory monteith . a lot of people knew he was battling with drug addictions in the past.

>> he was very open about it.

>> turns out the coroner's report did say he did suffer from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. and the coroner also said there's no evidence to suggest that mr. monteith's death was anything other than a most tragic accident. you know, he was in rehab.

>> in april.

>> in april, and i think, you know, we don't know exactly what happened, but i think sometimes what does happen, and if you've known people who have gone through intensive rehab, sometimes if you're out of rehab, you're clean, then go back to doing the same amount of drugs you did.

>> much more damaging.

>> it can really be jarring to the body. we don't know exactly if that's the case, or not.

>> apparently from friends and who he worked with, he almost lived sort of a double life . showed up for work clean, ready, able, prepared, and not using at all, but when he would go home to vancouver, which is such a beautiful place, he just -- the demons were there, old friendships and old habits. and our prayers go out to his family and to, of course, lea michele , who lost her love.

>> she did issue a statement and her statement is this, lea is deeply grateful for love and support she's received from friends, family, and fans. making appropriate arrangements with cory's family and enduring this profound loss together and again are asking for privacy.

>> everybody asks, but they rarely get it, you know?

>>> kanye west is a in the news for a couple of reasons.

>> yeah.

>> one, we'll talk about in a second, which is a t-shirt issue. there's a piece of tmz video and tmz always captures people at the opportune moment, if you know what i mean . harvey levin .

>> he's a genius.

>> kanye was confronted by one of the tmzpaparazzo is that the singular?

>> yeah.

>> anyway, one guy. a camera guy, a camera dude, and he started talking to kanye and kanye didn't like being spoken to at all, so let's just listen to this piece of tape.

>> yo, what's up, i'm a big fan . i love your work. i love your work.

>> i appreciate it, but don't talk. that's fine, but don't talk to me. i don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody i know. no, don't talk to me at all.

>> i'm a huge fan.

>> don't talk to anyone i know at all, and tell everybody, never talk to anyone that anyone knows. don't talk to themselves. don't talk ever again.

>> i love you, though. i do love you, though, kanye . kanye , what about the crown two with jay-z? people are pumped.

>> yo, i said don't talk!

>> what was that tirade?

>> that was a lot of talking about don't talk. [ laughter ]

>> here's the thing, first of all, he knows probably better than --

>> don't talk to me! this is not a talk show . don't. don't and don't look me in the eye . don't say a word!

>> so it's just like every other day.

>> stop talking! what he really wants you to do is go out and buy his new clothing line.

>> just about this one second.

>> you're still talking?

>> here's the deal, they know tmz goes and pushes buttons, that's the game. i'm sure since he's been with kim kardashian , the number of paparazzi has increased exponentially. now he's dealing every single time he turns around someone is there. but knowing someone is there and their job was to poke you, he kept repeating i love you and kept screaming don't talk, don't talk, don't talk.

>> i'd love one of them to say that to me. i'd french kiss the guy, you know? come on. i mean, if somebody's yelling out insults and stuff, but just i love you man, just say love you, too, and keep going.

>> i don't want any of you guys to talk.

>> are you still talking? it just doesn't make sense. nobody likes to be -- everything's heightened and it's hot and everybody's on the red alert a little bit.

>> i think the thing is, look, none of us know, you know, what it's like to be followed to that degree, what it must feel like if every time you turned around someone was standing right there blocking you and maybe you start losing your marbles, but if you're him and you're aware that, you know, you're trying to live this certain life --

>> here's the thing, when you become a celebrity, you got to understand that 50% of your job is when you go -- when you leave your home.

>> yep.

>> it just is.

>> yep.

>> and we all -- listen to me, we, we who have been around a long time are deeply grateful for all of your fans. thank god you have fans and thank god you still have them after a lot of years. it's not like you're obligated to spend the rest of your life with them, but be gracious. if they are being nice, be nice back. if they are being rude, get away as soon as you can. you know, nobody wins in a situation like that except for harvey levin .

>> harvey likes winning, certainly does.

>> love you, harvey.

>>> there are some really crazy pbs commercials.

>> are you still talking!

>> pbs is sick and tired of reality shows . that's the headline, so they put out these promos, commercials, we're going to let you know that they are a fake, but just take a look at them.

>> this summer there's a new family stepping into the sunlight.

>> i think the ability to tan is just something that you're, like, born with.

>> i love the sun. i'm, like, part man, part lizard, all rolled into one.

>> things are really heating up.

>> who used my oil, it is empty!

>> your vitamin d levels are spiking, sit down. if you sass me, you go to the shade.

>> this is going to get messy.

>> meet the tanners sunday at 8:00 p.m .

>> this is the tagline.

>> genius. that's genius. of the yezus with kanye .

>> the tagline reads, the fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of tv. support quality programming.

>> got ya. i wonder if you guys would have fallen for it --

>> i would have, wouldn't you? so much stuff on tv.

>> you sass me, you go to the shade.

>> i might actually watch that show.

>> that's entertaining.

>> i like it.

>> that's genius is what i tried to say.

>>> we are launching our college counterpart contest.

>> are you still talking?

>> okay, so here's the thing, sometimes we get e-mails and stuff and tweets saying, oh, my gosh, we're just like kathie lee and hoda. we're like you guys, my friend and i.

>> nothing to do --

>> anyway, we are looking for our counterparts in you.

>> we want our doppelgangers.

>> you don't have to look like us.

>> you need to tell us why you think you're like us, but here's the challenge --

>> it's a big one.

>> most of you are underaged, you can't involve alcohol.

>> no drinking in your video that you send us, we can't see alcohol, can't be a keg, nothing. see how creative you are without the booze.

>> okay.

>> how are you like us. what do they do, send it to facebook?

>> first of all -- send us a photo and a video. has to be under a minute to telling us how your friendship together, you and your best friend , is just like ours. do you talk like that?

>> oh, my god.

>> how do we do it day after day ? do that kind of stuff.

>> here's -- let me tell you something, kathie lee had an event last night at barnes and noble on 86th. it was a signing of the "scandalous" cd. so i walk in thinking, oh, she's going to be signing cds, isn't that nice. it turned into a full-on concert. carol lee stood up at that microphone on that stage and sang like an angel. it was one of those moments -- there was so much applause, i felt like i was at one of the shows.

>> yeah, yeah, it was really, really moving. and so many people came out and so many were saying, i saw the show five times, four times. it was just very gratifying.

>> it was beautiful.

>> thanks to everybody who came out and our love to the morella family. thank you so much for elvis being here yesterday. i appreciate that.