TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

‘Golden Sisters’ talk newfound fame, menopause

Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Golden Sisters” – Mary Bartnicki, 82, and her 74-year-old twin sisters, Josie Cavaluzzi and Terry Dahlquist – answer viewer questions about how to keep fit as you age and how the sex drive changes for seniors.

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>>> they are back. our favorite trio of the golden sisters. their take on the top stories of the week.

>> they just wrapped up the first season of their reality series , the golden sisters which airs on the oprah network.

>> i'm pleased to meet all of you guys. good morning ladies.

>> ladies, welcome back.

>> good morning.

>> we were just talking about, are you enjoying being these big super stars now? you said you walked down the street and people are shouting at you. do you like being a celebrity.

>> yeah, of course it's fun.

>> we forget that we're a little famous.

>> who gets recognized more.

>> we forget and they go mary and we're like how to they know me. because we're on tv. want to take a picture, in a restaurant i was trying to eat -- no, i really was --

>> we weren't doubting you.

>> and this one couple said and this other table was sitting there and they went -- and i go -- i said oh my god, they know us. and they said can we take your picture. i was eating in a casino. i couldn't even eat it. you know, but it was exciting.

>> i think teresa is the most recognizable because of the side swoop.

>> the grey hair too.

>> you're rocking that.

>> yesterday somebody shouted out of a car and said oh my god the golden sisters, 1331 because j josie won at the racetrack.

>> i played $90.

>> this actually is very good because this plays into one of our twitter questions. being that there are three of you, how is the dynamics of your relationship changed as you have matured and aged.

>> we get closer and closer.

>> yes.

>> with each other. we don't have that much to do, you know.

>> i think as you get older, you reflect more on your life and you get closer and you speak about your parents -- you talk about your parents a lot and how they could have done a better job.

>> wow.

>> or what a great job they did.

>> yeah, sure they did.

>> they had me take care of them.

>> i drew the short straw for the next question. she wants to know and i apologize in advance, what was your most unusual menopausal moment.

>> we never had one.

>> i never really had one. the thing i loved about --

>> i don't know what it means.

>> the thing that i loved most about menopause was that your menstrual period stops and if you're a woman you know how lucky that is.

>> the three of us did not get hot flashes.

>> okay.

>> it was nothing.

>> exercise and laugh a lot.

>> keep moving and don't think about it. if i told my husband i had menopause. he would tell me keep quite. there was no honey sweetheart -- what do they say, premenstrual or -- what comes on before -- that's not true. that's not true. that's an excuse. it's an excuse.

>> some people get very crabby when they're going through it.

>> it's an excuse. i think it's an excuse.

>> all right, thank you.

>> speaking of getting older, what can't you do now that you wish you still could?

>> she can't hear.

>> neither can you terry.

>> well not as good.

>> we used to hear better, right? but we need hearing aids .

>> even our memory is not like it used to be.

>> no, you forgot you come to the house yesterday. i said i put the air conditioning on. and, you know.

>> it messes up the spoof.

>> so i put it on. i got lunch ready. i said where are you. she said i forgot. i hung up on her. i was so mad. so i shut off the air and turned the fan on.

>> ladies will you come back all the time.

>> like never leave.

>> i'm talking about once a week. we'd love to have you back.

>> once a week from california to here, hey.

>> come back whenever you want. ladies thank you so much.

>> the golden sisters airs on the oprah winfrey network. ladies thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> you are a pleasure.

>> vanessa you're beautiful.

>> you guys are too.

>> thank you.