TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Queen: I hope baby comes before my vacation

When Queen Elizabeth II was recently asked if she would prefer the royal baby be a boy or a girl, she replied that she didn’t have a preference, but hoped the baby would arrive before she had to leave for a vacation.

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>> today was asked by a very young reporter a question about the royal baby soon to be. take a listen [ inaudible ]

>> i'm going on holiday.

>> three cheers.

>> there you go. three cheers.

>> now, if you couldn't quite hear that, she was asked guys whether or not she -- whether she would prefer a boy or a girl for the great grandchild and she said she didn't mind either one but she hoped it was soon because she is going on vacation next week. a sentiment a lot of us are feeling. let's let it happen sooner rather than later. but william and kate, by the way, we are being told by reporters here that it appears they're splitting their time between bucklebury and london all awaiting kate going into labor. and until that happens, though, there's a lot of money to be made. betting, as you know, a very lucrative business here and betting on all things royal and particularly royal baby names . they put a lot of effort and thought into this. the top names right now in girls are heavily favored here, alexandra, charlotte and elizabeth. for boys, george, james and phillip. we have been asking our viewers to weigh in online as well and you guys have some of those results.

>> we do. we do. the survey on, the top three girl names we found were -- if we can put them up on the screen.

>> we don't have them.

>> we don't actually have them so put them on the screen and then we can read them.

>> william.

>> there it is.

>> i think diana was -- you know and what's interesting about that is talking to a royal historian is that's not likely to be a first name because it would be very controversial. prince william already gave catherine the wedding band so that would be a think a little too much for a lot of people. the press would probably seize on that. there could though be a middle name or one of the four names they pick. until then we're on stand by all waiting and by the end of the week i'll be speaking with a british accent as well.

>> two more days you're eligible for dual citizenship.

>> pretty soon i will be.

>> we'll catch up with you a little bit later with