Martha Stewart
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TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Celebrate national blueberry month with cake, ice pops

Martha Stewart shows how you can get into the spirit of national blueberry month by whipping up the perfect blueberry pie, firecracker ice pops, blueberry lemonade, and more.

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>>> we're back now with martha on today. martha stewart is here to help us beat the heat with tasty treats just in time for national blueberry month. nice to see you.

>> it is blueberry month. i was telling you that my blueberries were more prolific than they have ever been.

>> share that's great.

>> we're eating one of those.

>> this say great pop of blueberry yogurt and strawberry. you purr puree it and put it in the popsicle maker, freeze it, healthy, delicious. just a tiny bit of sugar. another thing to do is put your blueberries, pint or quarter in the freezer just like that. they're tasty snacks.

>> okay.

>> they're really good.

>> i'm double fisting.

>> i'm going to put this down.

>> one thing that everybody loves because it is not really to beat the heat, it's to make a pie. a blueberry pie and everybody loves blueberry pie .

>> is it easy?

>> so easy. you have your rounds of pastry already. if you have martha 's pastry ready in your freezer it's easy.

>> yeah right.

>> line your pie dish with a round of dough.

>> okay.

>> and that's your bottom crust. and then you can fit this right in and then mix your blueberries with cornstarch -- you have the ingredients there. a little lemon juice . some butter. like two tablespoons of butter and sugar and this is the filling. it's the most simple filling on earth.

>> you said cornstarch right?

>> yeah you could use flower but i find cornstarch is a nice clear juice to the pie. this is 8 cups of blueberries. put that right in your shell. i hope this all fits. running over. and these are maine blueberries. do you know the difference between maine blueberries --

>> and the ones you grow.

>> the high bush. they're the ones that grow in new jersey and farmed berries.

>> these look a little small.

>> are they tart?

>> no, they're sweeter. in maine , they will not look at a large blueberry. i like new jersey blueberries because i come from new jersey.

>> is it supposed to run over like this.

>> it's not supposed to but the dish is smaller than it was meant to be.

>> just checking.

>> and working in this heat is a little difficult. i'm going to dump this on the ground and your top crust goes right on. you can fold it over like this. oh boy this is a beautiful pie. you could make it a lattice.

>> i was wondering about that.

>> do you mind if i make mine a solid top.

>> no yours will be a solid top.

>> use flour and crimp the edges and cut them off just like that and cut slits for seams and will you brush the top with egg.

>> how long does something like this take to bake martha .

>> it could take about an hour. start it off hot. bake it hot. secret is make it cold bake it hot. that's the golden rule of pies. don't you love that.

>> sometimes blueberry pie gets a little soggy. how do you avoid that so it doesn't soak through the crust on the bottom.

>> cooking it well. you have to cook it until the blueberries in the single of the pie are bubbled. that's why you must cut a little slit here. you can do decorative slits if you're not going to do a lattice. do you want to see the rest of the things down here.

>> lots of sugar. here's another nice thing for you is nice lemonade, fresh lemonade with blueberries in it. take one of these. that's one of the most refreshing ways to beat the heat. those are maine blueberries and here's the lattice pie. it bubbles in the middle. that's when you take it out of the oven. it's going to take anywhere from 45 to maybe 60 minutes to bake a blueberry pie . and this is a blueberry sour cream pound cake with a little bit of whipped cream . want to taste that.

>> i'd love to.

>> i think you'll like that. that's a good cake.

>> and blue napkins as well.

>> everything blue.