TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

How to pick the perfect hat for your face shape

In sweltering weather, hats can be a great way to feel and look cool. TODAY contributor Zanna Roberts Rassi reveals how you can know which type of hat will look best on you.

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>> you. another way to keep cool , a hat. but how do you know if you're wearing it correctly? she is today's fashion contributor. do you think anyone can wear a hat?

>> absolutely. it's about owning it and wearing the right shape for your face.

>> we have an array of different shaped faces. the first is the heart shaped face.

>> it's basically an unside down triangle. don't have anything that has too much angle on the top or it's too witchy. this hat is perfect. it has the flat brim and wider than the cheekbones. so it accentuates all of it.

>> the next is a long face. what looks good on that.

>> natalie has a longer shaped face and we have a hat that sits lower on the forehead because the long shape naturally has a high forehead. you want to try and minimize that. just the same trick as having a bang. this is a cool hat. it's recycled straw which helps everything breathe well in the summer.

>> that must be one of your favorite fabrics for this hot weather .

>> absolutely. straw, cotton and recycled and looks great.

>> next we have sarah. she has a round face. what looks good on a round shaped face?

>> so for the round shape, it tends to be shorter and fuller. also the most youthful looking face shape. so something here you want with the angle. we have the angle here and you want something that doesn't sit too far down on the forehead. for this reason, the classic fedora is perfect.

>> where can we find a model for the square face? apparently here. i learned about myself this morning.

>> it's parallel almost to the cheekbones. so you want something that gives a rounder curve. so we have the perfect floppy hat here and also a big brim.

>> like this.

>> look how cute. it's so dramatic. very jackie o .

>> i like it very much.

>> big pair of sunglasses. you're rocking.

>> i like the color.

>> square shaped face by the way very down to earth and they're doers not thinkers.

>> i like to do and think.

>> thank you very much. tomorrow we'll tackle the art of wearing a suit. coming up