TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Creative ways to keep cool during the heat wave

With the help of some TODAY viewers, Clint Carter of Men’s Health magazine shares some unconventional ways you can beat the heat, including turning a truck bed into a pool and using spicy foods to cool you down.

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>>> we're back with more ways for you to stay cool during this mid- summer heat wave. a lot of you are heading to to share your ideas for beating the heat. for example, from water fountains to creative umbrellas, even our littliest viewers are getting in the water and hitting the cool times. clint carter is senior associate editor of men's health magazine with ideas.

>> thanks for having me on matt, with we're going to beat the heat today.

>> first you're starting off with what you can make for personal hand coolers.

>> you know how you have the hand warmers in the winter, these are the coolers. you cut them up and have ice cubed size coolers you can carry around. you can put them on your pulse points , wrists, behind your neck. it has a really dramatic effect on your core temperature .

>> people will be snacking throughout the day. why not take your favorite sfaks and freeze them.

>> got to use your freezer. all the fruits and snacks you're going to eat. applesauce and yogurt.

>> throw your favorite juice in.

>> coffee, if you want an asudult popsicle use margaritas. you can put your pedestrianing in there too. put pillow case in there and sheets in there. if you don't have ac in the summer you'll love that.

>> half hour in the freezer makes you feel better.

>> you have to double up the water and it's also important to get electrolytes sodium, potassium, bananas, avocados.

>> one of the tips is eat spicy food because it makes you prespire.

>> it is a mild sensation that induces sweating.

>> this is great. you can get them at dicks sporting goods and you take the towel, any temperature of water, your body temperature , you get it wet and snap the towel ands going to drop to about 60 degrees immediately. put that on your pulse points .

>> are those expensive?

>> they're about 10 to $20. really inexpensive and affordable. get at the super market and get ice and put it in a kiddy pool, a 5 gallon bucket.

>> even in the cooler there.

>> put your feet in a cooler. you're going to be comfortable.

>> and we have saved the best for last. you have a pick up truck, you have a pool on wheels.

>> yes, if you do not have a pool in your yard, you have a pool on wheels. plastic, and just wait out the heat wave .

>> remember you do that in the cab -- in the back of the pick up truck, not in the front.

>> not in the front.

>> mario armstrong getting in the act. thank you very much.