TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Al Roker cools off at New York City ice bar

While temperatures are sky-high outside, TODAY’s Al Roker checks out a unique way to stay cool in New York City: the New York Hilton Midtown’s bar Minus 5, which is made entirely of ice.

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>> at the frozen isobar, the minus five bar. al, good morning.

>> minus five isobar here at the new york hilton midtown. it's now about 18 degrees in here. everything except the floor is ice. for example, you got the statue of liberty here. they actually got ice sculptures who will freshen this all up. as you can see all the interior is made of ice he is the general manager. how are you?

>> good.

>> how did you get the idea.

>> isobars are common in europe. we wanted to carve out a little piece.

>> no pun intended. even the glasses are made of ice.

>> everything. i'm going to make you our snow man drink which is our version of a pina cola da.

>> you have to be careful when you toast somebody.

>> they will bust on you. this is our version of a pina colada . you feel like you're at the beach a little bit. everyone gets to enjoy the cocktails. when you put the ice to your lips the experience really comes to life. these are really good.

>> all right. that's a cold drink.

>> what do you think? would you like to make one.

>> we have to go. thank you so much.