TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

YouTube star Talia Castellano succumbs to cancer at 13

Talia Joy Castellano, who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer six years ago, refused to let her illness keep her down, becoming a YouTube sensation, an honorary CoverGirl, and a guest on “The Ellen Show” by age 13. Now fans around the world are mourning her loss. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> now to a brave young girl that took the internet by storm. talia castellano inspired with her youtube videos. she died on tuesday following a lengthy battle with cancer.

>> hey guys.

>> in her short life.

>> it's cute, right? okay.

>> talia joy castellano was a make up artist, youtube sensation and honorary cover girl. but to her mother and sister in orlando, talia was so much more.

>> he was funny, carrying, inspirational, talented. very talented.

>> six years ago talia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. through the chemo she shunned the wigs preferring to master cosmetics.

>> the eyes are dramatic.

>> her story, the most liked post ever on today's facebook page. she even got to hang out behind the scene with justin bieber. he courage also landed her on the ellen show.

>> how do you stay so positive. i mean, what do you want me to do? be depressed? but a little fishy told me just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

>> she loved every single one of her fans and she always wanted to, you know, give back to them.

>> but after months in the hospital came this message from her family on facebook. it is with a heavy heart that we share with all of you that talia has earned her wings. now fans and celebrities alike are remembering talia on social media . among them ryan seacrest , your light will shine on. joey fatone rest in peace talia and ellen herself. sending my heart to talia 's family. i'm soed sad.

>> she would have turned 14 next month.

>> she wanted to make her mark. she wanted to leave her mark and she did that.

>> for the girl that taught so many to smile against all odds, it's no wonder her middle name was joy. for today, gabe gutierrez nbc news, atlanta.

>> and we will join with with so many others in expressing our condolences to talia 's family.

>> sweet little girl . we'll be back after your local news.