TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Skechers pays $40 million to settle suit over shoes

The shoe company Skechers, which said that its Shape-Ups shoes could help wearers tone muscles and lose weight, is settling a class action suit related to the claim for $40 million.

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>> something else people are talking about trending on cnbc, your check is in the mail if you're one of the people that bought the skechers shoes promising to shape up your figure.

>> you did?

>> i did indeed. two pair. the company is sending out a total of 40 million. the customers duped by it's adds featuring kim kardashian . the pay out is a result of deceiving customers with with false promises to tone their tooshs. it variesed depending on the claim and if you haven't filed the claim yet it's too late to file for a refund. but buyer beware .

>> you get two checks.

>> i don't because i didn't know about the refund.