TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Victoria? George? Playing royal baby name game

While awaiting the birth of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s first child, royal watchers are playing the baby name game, betting on such possibilities as Alexandra, Victoria and George. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> world waits for the arrival of the royal baby people are playing the name game . natalie is one of them. she is outside st. mary's hospital waiting. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. there are reports here that william and kate are still splitting their time between here and bucklebury until kate goes into labor but the longer the wait, the higher the stakes. betting is a very lucrative business when it comes to all things royal baby. especially when picking the name of the royal king or queen.

>> some new parents are waiting for the royal lead.

>> charlotte.

>> phillip.

>> diana .

>> outside the hospital where kate is due to give birth, everyone is playing the baby name game. at a betting shop just around the corner, royal expert richard fitswilliams is going to give me his take on what's in a name.

>> the name is important because it helps to define his or her place in history.

>> a lot of girl names on the top.

>> alexandra will be a way of paying tribute to edward vii long suffering wife. kate is keen on the name. elizabeth is very likely.

>> victoria .

>> victoria is a definite possibility.

>> what about diana .

>> william is devoted to the memory of his mother. he gave kate her engagement ring but it's highly unlikely that diana will feature. the reason is it will cause problems.

>> and the boys, edward , 80-1 odds.

>> there's been 80 edwards. the first one was the cruel pagan lord edward i. i think what makes edward unlikely is the fact that the queen's uncle edward viii has not been forgiven.

>> george .

>> i think this would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to george vi , the queen's late father.

>> we know how much he triumphed over even his stutter. what do you place your pets on.

>> if it's a boy on george and if it's a girl on elizabeth or victoria .

>> well, the odds still favor a girl here and to show you the top names on the list, we brought in the charts here from william hill bookie. alexandra, charlotte, elizabeth still leading. diana maybe perhaps a middle name . and if you can turn around george , james, phillip, no matt, i don't see any albert. turn back around michelle. savannah if you were hoping for a princess savannah, i'm sad to tell you that name has been taken. she is the first great grandchild already of the queen.

>> natalie, if i were covering that and said michelle could you turn around briefly i'd get in trouble but you get away with it.

>> as they say in britain.

>> my money is on blue