TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder discuss Zimmerman trial

As protesters continue to demonstrate across much of the country, Attorney General Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both brought up the verdict during appearances on Tuesday. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman’s lawyers say he is in hiding. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> new developments tied to the acquittal of george zimmerman including new protests from statements of some members of that jury. kerry is in sanford, florida this morning.

>> reporter: the state calculated how much it costs to prosecute george zimmerman but it maybe going up now that the defense team plans to present a portion of a bill of what it cost them to get george zimmerman acquitted. this as it was another night of protests. four days after george zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter, the number of rallies in memory of 17-year-old trayvon martin is growing. in los angeles , protestors were mostly orderly as more police were on the streets. in florida 's capitol dozens of demonstrators occupied the governor's office.

>> we're here because trayvon cannot be.

>> the governor wasn't there but they vow to stay until he gets back. reverend al sharpton announced plans to hold rallies in 100 cities on saturday.

>> we're not having a two or three day anger fit. this is a social movement for justice.

>>> meanwhile, on tuesday, more signs that the verdict has become part of a national discourse with attorney general eric holder addressing florida 's controversial stand your ground laws during a speech at the naacp's annual convention in orlando.

>> we must stand our ground to ensure that our laws reduce violence and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent.

>> reporter: tuesday night hilary clinton brought up the verdict while speaking to an african american sorority group.

>> no mother, no father, should ever have to fear for their child walking a street in the united states of america .

>> reporter: at a concert in canada, stevie wonder told the crowd he is boycotting areas where stand your fwround is law.

>> where ever i find that law exists i will not perform in that state or that part of the world.

>> reporter: as for george zimmerman , his legal team says he is in hiding and getting death threats. the zimmerman verdict reminds some of another florida defendant. casey anthony found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee.

>> a long time of misery.

>> reporter: he represented anthony.

>> she can't be seen in public or go out and have an ordinary life . i think george zimmerman 's life is going to be a parallel situation for a long time.

>> reporter: the pistol that george zimmerman used to shoot and kill trayvon martin is no longer evidence. it's been handed by the court back to the police department and while george zimmerman is entitled to pick it up, his defense team says it's unlikely he'll want