TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

How to stay safe during the heat wave

As temperatures soar across the country, NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman shares how to beat the heat and stay healthy, and describes who is most at risk from the high temperatures.

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>> this heat can be dangerous for some. dr. nancy snyderman is our medical director . good morning to you.

>> hey savannah.

>> how do you know if it might require medical attention ?

>> it can come on you slowly. no one is safe. it's not safe for your pets in the car or your kids at sports camp . simple things like dizziest, nausea, your heart racing abnormally but those are the warning signs that you need to rehydrate and get out of the heat. by the time you're feeling almost chilled and you have stopped sweating and your skin is dry, that means it's a real emergency.

>> there's certain people susceptible to this, right?

>> the young and the elderly. people immune compromised in anyway. but this is the time we say stay in an air conditioned place and if you don't have air conditioning try the cooling center near you but for those of us that think we're healthy and you like to run, you think i'll run at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. there's no reason for midday exercise. you have to have a phenomenal amount of common sense when it's this hot. just because you're young and athletic and healthy dubt mean you can't cecum to heat like this.

>> try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. what can you do by ward it off.

>> rehydrate and prehydrate. drink beforehand. by the time you're thirsty you're already down a pint. keep doing it and don't forget the sunscreen.