TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Fisherman drags 200-pound shark out of water

Elliot Sudal, an experienced fisherman, hooked a 200-pound sandbar shark on Sunday, pulling it out of the water before managing to wrestle the massive fish back into the ocean.

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>> check out this video out of nantucket, a man wrestling a 200 pound sandbar shark tooth shore. man versus shark. in this rare case the man actually won. he was able to do it after sometime and released the shark.

>> the story is he was reeling in a blue fish and he reeled it in and saw it was only half a blue fish so he knew there was a shark out there. he put the blue fish back out and lured the shark into shallow waters.

>> that's because the shark came down out of that tornado and he was already tired.

>> but he hooked three sharks earlier in the day. he said the shark wasn't too happy about being dragged out of the water. you think.

>> somebody said he has gotten a call from about 100 women he's never met.