TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Must have jewelry, candles under $10

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Elvis Duran a collection of monogrammed necklaces and bracelets, candles, baby clothing and stylish plates that are each less than $10.

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>>> you may think you have to pay big bucks to get the season's hottest items but you may be shocked to know that all the goodies and gifts can you get for so little money.

>> under $10. "today" contributor jill martin has great summer must-haves, under $10. don't be frightened.

>> you have something on. we should reveal the face thing.

>> this is a freeman beauty mask for $1.99. if you are having a spa party. rose extract and vitamin c. peel it off. you'll see. it is so soft. and then you just rub it in like moisturizer.

>> you look fabulous. you should have seen what she looked like before this.

>> how great for a spa party for $1.99?

>> i like the prop.

>> candles.

>> house warming gifts. you go to someone's home. you don't want to bring a bottle of wine. these tin candles are great. also bath and body works . you can get these little accessories on the outside. you can use it as a napkin holder which we actually invented.

>> that's very clever, jill.

>> how much?

>> that's $3.99.

>> rose mint soap. again if you don't want -- we love wine but if you don't want to, there is great and pair it with a candle. beautiful bottle keep by the sink. $4.99.

>> could you store vodka in these after you are done.

>>> shop prima donna . $6.99. initials. plated. i have an "h" here for you.

>> elvis, nothing for you.

>> we go shopping for five minutes and we've only spent like $7.

>> these i thought kathie lee was here today. klg and hoda glasses. we can drink during this. you'll need it for the end of the segment. then there's frames. you can write on coasters. this is all from david's bridal. most of it under $5. only the glasses you need a minimum on. but the pouchs, makeup cases, loves these. burt when you buy a baby gift --

>> baby gifts are expensive. i didn't realize.

>> under $10 for all these little things .

>> what are they?

>> old navy basics. loading up for the summer, you don't have to spend a million bucks. $6.50. fun flip-flops --

>> these are soft. they don't feel cleep heap at all. this was sara's favorite thing this week, the old navy tanks.

>> at k-mart it is nice to use paper plates and also nicer from the environment, this is from k-mart. look at all these. relax, ocean, beach, summer. mckenzie childs napkins. now this is a trick. it doesn't mine. it is my friend, john's, but now i am stealing it and making it my trick. you take the jumbo marshmallows. then you take the hershey chocolate and you just place it in. insertion. that word -- couldn't think of a word to use.

>> i'll tell you for free.

>> then you put it on the skewer, then you roast it. the ratio is so much better --

>> you can do it with your favorites.

>> only kathie lee 's mouth could fit around that. look how huge that is.

>> i knew this was going to go in a bad direction.

>> you could put crackle in it, m & ms. you could take this as your own trick. is that amazing? it is the ratio of the marshmallow to the chocolate to the graham cracker .

>> there is a science behind