TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Florida couple opens their ranch to foster kids

The Bullochs are a working class family who have spent the past 16 years welcoming troubled teens to their Florida home. All the boarders must follow a strict set of rules, and work on the ranch to earn their keep.

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>>> okay. if you think raising two kids can be tough, just wait until you meet the bullock family. we aren't talking about sandra. for the last 16 years rusty and julie bullock and their two kids have opened up their home to troubled teenagers in their community.

>> their heart warming generosity and tough love are captured in a new reality show everyone is talking about, "bullock family ranch" on up tv.

>> hi, guys.

>> hi.

>> if you haven't seen this, pull a clip on youtube and watch this show.

>> absolutely.

>> you guys have taken in 25 or 30 kids? you call them troubled kids. what kind of kids are we talking about?

>> it doesn't have to be just trouble. it's kids that they may just be in a tight spot going to college. they may need some assistance getting a job or they need to be taken out of jail and off the street. so it's been a variety of different kind of kids.

>> it's interesting because there is tough love. but there's also a real tenderness you guys bring to these kids' lives.

>> and lots of fun as well.

>> like rusty says, if you can't have fun, just not going to do it. we try to bring structure and love.

>> what happens to these kids? they spend time on your ranch. you see the video. it looks like it is a blast. quite frankly , they're swimming in the lake, they're on horses, doing all kinds of things. what happens when they leave the ranch?

>> well, hopefully they have gotten on the track that they want to be on. each kid that we take in, we have to see that they want to better their selves, either stay on the right track or get on the right track. so most of them are real successful. i mean we've got great stay-at-home moms. we've got ministers. we've got teachers --

>> did you worry about your own kids? because are you brig kind of strangers into the house.

>> well, we would all sit down and have a roundtable discussion is what we would say. our kids had to be on-board. this is what we want, mom, yeah. every single time, you know, we were 100% for it.

>> i can also see how this is great for your kids as well. i mean it really teaches them a lot about what it is like raising a family and a different kind of family, at that.

>> both amanda and brody have huge hearts and they're always helping out somebody. it seems like brody 's a big truck fan tick. he's always helping a buddy work on a truck or have a friend spend the night. brody is the designated driver.

>> was there something that quickly made you say we want to do this? most people would think about it quite frankly and not do it.

>> the first. she was part of our life when she was 13 and when she became 18, you you know, it is that typical "i'm an adult." her and her mom had a great relationship but there was some tension there so she was really good friends with my daughter who was five years younger than her. it was like amanda got a big sister .

>> what you guys are doing is incredible. it is a terrific, terrific show. it is on up tv and it is worth watching.

>> up tv is fantastic.

>> you guys, thank you for coming to see you.

>> tune it tomorrow night --

>> yeah, tomorrow night on up tv. i want to thank this man sitting next to me, elvis duran from z-100.

>> meeting interesting people, eating pizza and drinking? way too much for me.

>>> tomorrow kathie lee will be back with me and comedian jeff garland will be here.