TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Make grilled pizzas with asparagus, salami

Curtis Stone and Gail Simmons from “Top Chef” go head to head to see who can make the best grilled pizza. Hoda teams up with Curtis to make pizza with asparagus, scallions and fontina, while Elvis Duran partners with Gail to create a tomato and salami pizza.

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>>> 13 chefs are getting ready to compete for bragging rights . curtis stone is back as the host and a new judge is back in town, gail simmons . she is this season's head critic.

>> it already smells great in here. we are teaming us to make his and her pizzas. only one of us can win this prize. this is a competition.

>> you two are teamed up together to make a special pizza . i'm teamed up with curtis .

>> we will see.

>> what are you guys making?

>> this is a super summer grilled pizza from "food and wine." scallions asparagus in a bowl. i'm going to put a little bit of olive oil -- she's doing the -- little peanut gallery over there.

>> back off!

>> look how beautifully do you that, elvis.

>> i toss sparagus nightly.

>> relax with the tossing. those go on the grill, about two minutes each side. a little char. just a little bit. once they are grilled, curtis very lovingly made this for me earlier.

>> you did?

>> people get tired of tomato and cheese pizzas. they want something different.

>> this is different. these are light, summery.

>> is this pizza over with with yet?

>> this is fontina and parmesan.

>> put it in the oven. we get it. now we're going to show you the real pizza . ready, gail?

>> seeing how i've got a nice round tape -- you don't want that. you want people to know that you did it. just a real quick spin like that.

>> oh, show off.

>> spin and toss.

>> one for me.

>> look at that! beautiful. that's exactly. then you stick it on to a big paddle like this. a little bit of olive oil with with some garlic. spread that out. the important thing when you cook pizza on a stone in an oven, like it is supposed to be made, it's over here. i've got my stone there. stick it in the oven -- stop it -- when you put the oven on.

>> curtis .

>> put it in the oven when you put the oven on because it is going to get hot with it. the key to a good pizza is a really hot stone.

>> curtis , how were your nuptials? he is a married man. and it's about time.

>> get a close-up of that big diamond ring he's wearing.

>> how beautiful!

>> mozzarella, tomatoes, come over here, put it in the oven.

>> now our judge, sara hains, is going to try both pizzas.

>> a little sprig of oregano on top.

>> oh.

>> is that hot?

>> curtis , this is delicious.

>> now try their lame one. then let me know --

>> try the salad pizza .

>> this is green, fresh, summery goodness.

>> ready? is it "a" or "b"?

>> this is so hard because that's very unique but i'm a bit of a pizza purist. zbl

>> elvis.

>> and that pizza was really cute. we're going to curtis .

>> see top chef masters wednesday july 24th at 10:00 p.m . on bravo.