TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Get your sweat on! Sara tries fun summer workouts

TODAY’s Sara Haines visits a few New York City gyms to try out fun summer workouts that are sure to make you sweat, such as the recess rat race, similar to what you may have done as a student, “reinvention chairs” that help strengthen and tone your core, and aqua cycling if you like the pool.

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>> how similar is this place to p.e. or recess?

>> well, it is different because the activities that you are doing are more intense. this is total body like hands on the floor. it is fun. you get a really good workout but again it takes the pressure off and you can kind of just enjoy what you are doing.

>> this definitely takes you back to elementary school days. this season's games is musical boats. it is play on musical chairs .

>> so the emphasis is a great workout and the emphasis is on playing.

>> it is a great workout and you are having fun .

>> first thing i noticed are the strange contraptions. what is going on?

>> this is a modernized version of the old wonder joe that joseph pilates created in the 1940s but this kicks your butt a lot more and we added this overhead bungee system that sculpts your arms, so you are really engaging your core throughout entire workout. i was in the new york city ballet and i danced my entire life. now i own this studio with my mom who is a big skater and we brought all of our disciplines together to create this fun, vibrant workout. this is focusing on strengthening and toning but because we move fast and we have quick transigtionsransitions, your heart rate's going to stay up there.

>> aqua sinking is sinking in the water. you work toward the water resistance and get a very good massage. you get a lot more benefits coming from the water. one of them being very little impacts on your bones so it is really good for a lot of people that have injuries. you burn up to 800 calories per hour.