TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Elvis Duran: Bieber is ‘sweet guy’ who likes ‘trouble’

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb welcomes national radio host Elvis Duran to the big chair today as he fills in for Kathie Lee. Duran has interviewed many celebs including Justin Bieber, and says the pop star is a sweet guy but likes to get into trouble.

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>>> oh, yes, hrn. it is booze day tuesday, july 16th , 2013 . kathie lee is taking a little time off for some personal things. joining me now is a man affectionately known as elvis --

>> duran.

>> elvis duran .

>> elvis --

>> duran.

>> it says right there.

>> oh. lee. kathie lee 's gone.

>> if you listen to z-100, it is a nationally syndicated radio show . it is funny. you have a crazy group. tell me the people who are on your show.

>> we're drunk, just like you guys. i don't remember their names.

>> i love this group of people. you guys have figured it out. you are genius --

>> we have a lot of beautiful women. selena gomez comes in every day.

>> you get some good guests! who comes in to see you?

>> there's michael bouble. we've had you on, hoda.

>> yes, you have.

>> there i am. look at me. i'm so saucy. nicki minaj.

>> you came on a television show today to be with me and you're not wearing the typical outfits that we like seeing you in with the hawaiian shirts and crazy shorts.

>> i don't want to be the typical radio guy that wears hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts. getting here is a mess. it is so hot. new york city is sweltering. what happened here?

>> under-boob sweat. can you talk about that?

>> no!

>> i think i'm dry. its see hot, half the country is under a severe, severe heat wave right now. under boob sweat is our number one enemy.

>> here we have the cure for that. we brought you your favorite drinks. we promised you that you would have exactly what you want.

>> this a tito's and soda?

>> let's try it --

>> oh, my -- really? what is this -- is this a wine chaser?

>> down the hatch.

>> i love nbc.

>> so, one of the things you guys do on your show -- we'll just point this out off the top because it is such a popular portion of your show called the phone tap . you call up unsuspecting people and you fool them into believing something is true and it can be kind of mean.

>> when you were a kid, didn't you make crank phone calls ? that's what the phone tap is all about. you just call people, ask them if their refrigerator is running, and then there is your phone tap . we do a fresh one every day.

>> listen in case you've never heard --

>> you're going to play this.

>> let's watch.

>> this is david palmer .

>> all right.

>> i'm just calling to verify. some charges on your new account --

>> what? i don't have no credit account.

>> yes, do you. that's why i'm calling, sir.

>> no, i don't.

>> the the account was opened at toys "r" us. $890.90.

>> are you out of your mind.

>> no, sir with, i'm reading the charges. the regulatta hotel.

>> you might mean my son. you got to be [ bleep ] out of your mind.

>> you pick up the phone , you don't know if someone playing a trick on you so we play tricks on them every day.

>> these people have to sign off on the fact -- if it airs. someone curses up a storm like this guy did and it goes on and on. they're all over you, too. they say it is a-okay to air it?

>> absolutely.

>> why?

>> people like to be a part of something big like the phone tap . you invite people to come on the "today" show. they want to be here. they don't care how embarrassed they get, like me, for instance.

>> how do you feel?

>> i am a huge hoda fan. i'm a huge kathie lee fan. i do miss kathie lee a little bit.

>> i know, i miss her, too. so in the paper today there was very, very cool story about the couple that was going to go watch the dave matthews concert. dave matthews got a blow-out on his bicycle tire. this couple drives by, like there is a poor guy, let's help him. turns out it is dave matthews himself.

>> yes. they gave him a ride to his own concert. don't you love this?

>> all he had to do was pose for a picture with with her.

>> you meet a lot of celebs. you look at dave matthews with you be think what a terrific, greating with cool guy. do you find most of the celebs you meet -- you've met taylor swift , justin bieber -- you've interviewed the lot of them -- are they what we think?

>> they're not what we think. we think they're something they're not. we put celebrities on such a high pedestal. we expect them to be aliens from another planet. kathie lee is great example of that. she is a celebrity but every morning on the show you get who she is on the show. she lets it all hang out.

>> all of it.

>> it is really our fault. we put these celebrities out there in a galaxy. they are he's just normal people.

>> you've interviewed justin bieber a lot of times, then you see he's really stepping in it lately because you know him a certain way and the public sees him another way. what's the real part of him?

>> justin bieber 's a sweet guy. he's a very nice guy . he has a huge heart but he likes to go out and have fun. he gets into trouble. look at him. you can't wear that without getting into trouble. you see that? the thing is he likes to get into trouble but the cameras aren't going to catch him doing things that are good. the cameras don't catch celebrities doing things that are nice. he they catch you when you're speeding in your car and you're running photographers over an stuff like that.

>> right. i see an extra camera crew floating around here. what's going on? they with with you? you have your own crew?

>> i always have a camera crew with me.

>> what's going on with this? who are these people?

>> i don't know who they are! is that bobby? i'll have him turn off.

>> what is it?

>> we're doing a tv show about a radio show on a tv show .

>> no, you're not!

>> absolutely.

>> is that what it is?

>> and the whole world is going to watch this unfold.

>> it is going to be you on tv?

>> yes.

>> is it going to be a pilot?

>> you'll see.

>> it will be revealed.

>> i'll unveil all the info right here on "today."

>> one of the things you do when you come on every month is you bring us a special artist that a lot of people may not have heard of. today you'll reveal one later in the show, someone you saw something special.

>> this guy is amazing. labyrinth. he does a duet with emily sonde out of the uk. huge song, massive song. you hear that? just beautiful. well, he's here today to sing his half of the song.

>> she's not here?

>> you may have to sing the other half. so, yeah, this is this month's artist of the month.

>> that's beautiful.

>> oh, it's beautiful.

>> do you like being on tv, elvis ? are you enjoying it so far? is.

>> yeah. i just want to be with you and have another cocktail.

>> there is a guy who is a famous baseball player. his name is matt harvey . okay? plays for the mets. so he's really a good looking guy. so jimmy fallon decided to have some fun with this guy. he sent the pitcher out with a microphone to question people about what they feel about matt --

>> he's a huge deal. he's pitching in the all-star game tonight.

>> is he. let's watch the clip.

>> who's your favorite player?

>> oh, dude, harvey, man.

>> really. if he was standing here right now what kind of advice would you give him?

>> i would say just keep being awesome. i'm pretty sure that's it.

>> well, we appreciate it.

>> thanks a lot. yeah -- wait.

>> yes. so i could pass at matt harvey ?

>> you might need the hat and the jersey.

>> if he was standing next to you, what kind of advice would you give him?

>> just keep doing what he's doing and keep shining.

>> i will.

>> yeah --

>> that is so classic. all right. you got a lot coming up, don't you? you have something special that's happening.

>> the iheart radio music festival , our third year.

>> what sts?

>> the iheart music festival is the biggest music festival on the face of the earth. katy perry , elton john , ke$ha, justin timberlake , maroon five, chris brown , bruno mars --

>> what?

>> yes. then in country, keith urban and tim mcgraw . you have zed which is a huge, huge electronic dance act. queen with adam lambert singing.

>> no!

>> it's massive. there are more to be announced. also we have the iheart radio village outside with miley cyrus and avril levine and the wanted.

>> how much are the tickets?

>> thousands of dollars!

>> how much are they?

>> actually, they're different prices.

>> about?

>> some very affordable. from that range to this range. they go on sale this saturday at at 1:00 east coast time.

>> that sounds like a lot of fun.

>>> we have a lot of college kids who watch our show. did you know that?

>> i know that but i would think they're off for summer so they'd be sleeping.

>> they aren't sleeping because we're on a little later in the morning. they tweet us all the time. please continue to tweet us on your summer break because we like to read your tweets on the air. so we can -- we like to give you guys shout outs so please keep your tweets coming.

>> do you think they're having cocktails like we are?

>> i'm sure we are a drinking game . that's all we are to them.

>>> okay. cute babiable alert. if you are in a funky food today, do not be. look what happened? twin pandas were born. hello. that's not all. we have more, don't we?

>> we have lion cubs --

>> oh, it's pet porn.

>> and in central india , a baby hippo has come into the world. let's just look