TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

‘Suits’ stars talk new season of betrayal, bromance

The hit show “Suits,” which centers on the relationship between a hotshot lawyer and his protégé, will begin its new season tonight. Stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams talk about what viewers can expect this season.

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>> the hit u.s.a. network "suits" are giddy with anticipation as it gets under way tonight.

>> it revolves around michael ross and harvey speck to.

>> but there's stormy waters after mike is forced to betray his mentor.

>> i'll be doing this long after i've forgotten all about you. you had enough.

>> no i haven't because you haven't. you haven't said what you have to say to rip me shreds enough so you can forgive me.

>> harvey i'm sorry but i need you to listen to me now.

>> listen to you, know when i would have listened to you, that night.

>> jessica threatened me.

>> i don't care.

>> oh.

>> wow.

>> gabriel macht , patrick j. adams . good morning. do you want to tell us what was going on there.

>> mike and jessica have betrayed harvey and there's no going back. so that's where we start off and basically harvey is done with mike.

>> mike's in a situation where he is having to get back into harvey 's good graces after betraying him last year and if there's one thing you don't do to him that's betraying his trust.

>> does the season start off in a way that has you sort of behind the 8 ball a little bit.

>> yes but there are moments where we're going to see harvey take the whole firm down.

>> wow.

>> that's a big reveal there.

>> that's what he does.

>> well, he's going for it. when you're working in a law firm like that the stakes are so high and the show is about how people navigate that manipulation and he's the master of it. eventually he's going to rise to the top.

>> new season tonight means you'll have new fans tuning in for the first time. take a step back and briefly tell them what the show is where it's set.

>> fake lawyer, hot shot lawyer.

>> there you go. that's it.

>> that's it. but at the end of the day , you guys have this bromance going.

>> i've never heard that word.

>> i never heard it.

>> i don't know what that means.

>> guy who is have a, who have a mutual respect and a loving relationship that's, you know.

>> like bouddies.

>> which one of you is tom hanks .

>> i'll take the tom hanks , please.

>> is there a reconciliation.

>> the heart and soul of the show depends on them getting along but you find out, my character especially grows up and realizes that he has yet to become a man and own what he has done so the relationship is going to come back together but it's a very different mike and harvey than people have known for the first two seasons.

>> what's also great is mike -- harvey is done with mike but in episode two the character courts mike so he asks harvey for his hand. this whole court ship. it's very funny.

>> it's a quirky script. do you have as much fun behind the scenes as it almost seems like the cast does when you're doing it.

>> yeah. right from day one, we have incredible writers but we are also allowed to play and that's a big part of the heart and soul of the show is us getting things back and forth and trying things off each other.

>> we should try that.

>> we tried. it doesn't work.

>> it didn't work.

>> you were an amateur border line professional photographer.

>> at this point.

>> we have examples of your work. how long have you been doing this.

>> i have been taking photos forever. my father was a journalist.

>> that's my friend tommy. that's my girlfriend.

>> that's fantastic.

>> that's very surreal.

>> that's me tossing tires into the sky.

>> where is that set.

>> in the desert outside los angeles . that's our friend gabriel macht here.

>> very cool.

>> that's megan markel and a lot of it comes from the set. there's iphone foe toes.

>> do you have any more questions about the show?

>> i have 1,000 questions but i have been told to calm down and not propose to both of you at the same time.

>> that will be all right.

>> asking for a friend, are you available either of you.

>> don't ask for a friend.

>> he just talked about his girlfriend and he has a wedding ring on and i'm 1,000 months pregnant.

>> it's going to be great.

>> that just took a really awkward turn.

>> the show is fantastic. looking forward to the next season.

>> thanks so much guys. you can catch the season premiere of "suits" tonight at 10:00 , 9:00 central on our sister