TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Impress the in-laws with a healthy kebab meal

Robin Miller shares recipes from her new book, “The Newlywed Cookbook,” that will impress your in-laws when they come to visit, including marinated steak kebabs and rice, corn, and green chile timbales.

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>> this morning in today's kitchen, just got married and want to impress the in-laws? how about inviting them over for dinner.

>> before we do that, natalie is in for the long hall.

>> yes.

>> look at that.

>> covering waiting for the birth of the royal baby.

>> is that tea or is that coffee.

>> it's tea. i'm overcaffeinated on tea.

>> that's fantastic.

>> camped outside the hospital.

>> we'll get back to you later nat but in the meantime robin miller is here with recipes from her new book, the newlywed cook book .

>> what's different cooking for your in-laws than in general.

>> people get stressed out. it is any one that comes over and you want to impress them and you make mistakes because you try to do something hard. i did a chapter just for newlywed and did them because they're sure fire and never fail.

>> i started one of the tips about making something extra special, you can get these anywhere. use fancy things. you don't have to change the food. just change the presentation.

>> okay.

>> i already did a whole skewer. al, will you top that off with a mushroom? and we'll add it to this pan right here. everybody knows how to skewer right.

>> you should soak them for 10 minutes or so.

>> then a quick marinade of soy sauce, brown sugar which is great because it helps caramelize, dijon mustard and garlic powder and once that is whisked together, another thing i like to do is prep ahead so you're not cooking while the inlaws are there and you're stuck in the kitchen. i'm busy. so you pour this over and you can marinate that up to -- you know, overnight you could even marinate it. good job.

>> yeah.

>> so then you roll it around in there. we've already got two on. this is what they look like. beautiful nice pieces of sirloin.

>> how do you make sure that meat cooks as the same time as the vegetables.

>> cooking things in uniform shaped and sizes. vegetables are cut in two inch pieces.

>> throw that on the grill for how long.

>> depends how you like the meat cooked but keep rolling it around every two to three minutes, when you can feel it's firm.

>> that's a great summer recipe. throw these on the grill.

>> exactly. could be for anyone. another tip is the presentation. so i've got some rice that's already cooked there. it's rice, corn, green chilies.

>> it looks colorful.

>> but here's the cool thing, push a bunch of that rice into this. this basically means like a drum but you can put -- you could press this down into a tuna can and it would look really neat.

>> just going for the shape.

>> just making a mold.

>> flip it over.

>> that looks professional. al roker .

>> and the flowers are still standing.

>> and now here's another technique that's super cool . come on over. it's a regular cheesecake but jazz it up. you got your cheesecake and you're ready to let it set, okay? we're just going to get some -- i made a mess. you do this in the advance. just put chocolate there and then you're going to swirl it in.

>> then you end up with something that looks very much like this.

>> it's all you need to do. it's just the technique. we didn't change anything. just the way it looks.

>> that's the secret. robin miller .