TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Unpublished images of Marilyn Monroe up for auction

Most of the 3,700 negatives and transparencies taken by famed Hollywood photographer Milton Green, who befriended the iconic actress in the 1950s, have never been seen by the public. They are hitting the auction block at the end of the month.

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>> to your chance to own a little piece of hollywood history including remarkable photos of a true legend.

>> never before seen imagines of marilyn monroe . the seven year inch. bus stop [ singing ]

>> the prince and the show girl .

>> just try me.

>> photos taken by famed hollywood photographer milton green now up for auction. green and monroe first worked together on a magazine shoot in the 1950s and became close friends.

>> when you look at the photographs, there's something magical about them. she looks happy and there's a sparkle in her eye and she was relaxed. she had total confidence in milton green .

>> head of the auction company profiles and history says most of the 37 uh-uh published negatives and transparencies have never been seen by the public but it's not just the photos up for grabs. the winning bidder also gets the copy wright for these imagines.

>> not only do you get to buy the collectible version you get the intellectual property which never happens.

>> milton green 's son joshua seen here as a child plans toed by on his father's photography saying he would like to bring one third of his dad's collection back to the family.

>> i'll be bidding on this auction to bring back home some of the pictures that i feel are important to his life's work. i'm sorry they got separated out but i'd like to bring them back under one roof.

>> the collection contains more than imagines of the blonde bombshell . 75,000 photo negatives of other movie stars are on the auction block as well.

>> if you think of an important person from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, this person is represented in this collection. it isn't just a slice of american cultural history , it's a chunk.

>> a pricey chunk of hollywood history now up for the highest bidder .

>> and in case you are wondering, the photos could go for more than $1 million.