TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Summer read: New thriller is a trip around the world

Author Daniel Silva talks about his newest novel, “The English Girl,” the 13th featuring assassin and art restorer Gabriel Allon, who has just seven days to find a rising star in the British government who has been abducted.

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>>> we're back now with today's sizzling summer reads and we have a new thriller from best selling arthur daniel silva . in this one, his hero has only seven days to find a kidnapped rising star from the british government . daniel always good to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> amazon calls it one of the best books of the month. i believe they used the word master work. that's not bad.

>> i generally try not to pay attention.

>> i know you do.

>> i try. i was very proud of that review. they hit upon all the things that i liked about the novel and i have to admit i was flattered by it.

>> this starts with a beautiful island and beautiful girl . so far it sounds like a jackie collins novel but it's not. poof she disappeared.

>> she is a rising star within the british party. she works in the machinery of the party but she has got, you know, member of parliament written all over her. a cabinet minister one day but madeline has a dangerous secret. she is the mistress of the prime minister. when she disappeared the prime minister has a serious problem.

>> as the clock is ticking to find her, without, i don't believe giving anything away, we end up in russia and talk to me, from what i read and sometimes these things aren't always accurate but some of your ideas for this book came from the coverage of a real news event.

>> it was inspired to a large degree by the revelation two years ago, or three years ago now that we had this nest of russian spies living in the united states , here in new york city operating under illegal cover. living here under false identities. a lot of people were shocked by the fact that the russias were still living among us and spying on us. i was not. i knew it was taking place. i used that incident and it inspired me to write this novel.

>> some of those spies were not the highest talent level.

>> that was --

>> that was the anna chapman group, right?

>> it was. i think that was a lot of the spin that came out at the time. the administration wanted to get this out of the way so it wouldn't be a distraction.

>> do you think it was more serious.

>> i do. and so do people in the fbi and intelligence community .

>> you are big on social media . you have a very loyal following.

>> i do.

>> do you listen to what they say a lot or do you try, like reviews, to put that over in a different compartment.

>> i do listen to what they say actually. for years they had been asking me to bring back a character that i wrote in a book about ten years ago, a gentleman named christopher keller . he is a british comando or assassin. i brought him back.

>> give me books to read this summer.

>> anyone that had a heart. he wrote the sound track of our childhood, especially for people of your generation.

>> thank you.

>> i have been privileged to spend time with him. henry winkler hank zippster series. and vince flynn was a dear friend of mine. this is his last book. the last man. i didn't have time to change the dedication of the english girl. but the english girl is for him.

>> good recommendations from a guy that knows a thing or two about great books.

>> you can read an excerpt from this on our website.