TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

These fans don’t recognize their favorite pitcher

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has a huge fan base, but perhaps not a memorable face. In this hilarious video from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Harvey interviews fans and asks them to give him advice, without their recognizing him.

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>> also, trending on youtube, would you recognize one of your favorite sports stars? jimmy fallon put that to test last night with matt harvey , one of the hottest athletes in new york right now. he's the starting pitcher for the national league at the all-star game. after gaining national attention for posing nude in espn magazine . tamron has that on her wall in the dressing room.

>> i do indeed.

>> but he's still unknown.

>> who's your favorite player.

>> harvey man.

>> if he was standing here right now what kind of advice would you give him.

>> keep being awesome. yeah i'm pretty sure that's it.

>> we appreciate it.

>> yeah, man, thanks a lot.

>> absolutely.

>> wait, yeah. wait. are you matt harvey .

>> yeah.

>> so i could pass as matt harvey .

>> you might need the hat and the jersey.

>> if he was standing right next to you what kind of advice would you give him. keep doing what he's doing and keep shining. i will.

>> okay.

>> i love it.

>> that's amazing.

>> i will.

>> what?

>> what a great sport matt harvey is.

>> it is. one guy said i actually saw him naked in espn which was a little weird.

>> yeah. a little strange but