TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

Why do mosquitoes target certain people over others?

A new study shows that people who drink beer, wear dark clothing and have Type O blood, among other factors, are likelier to be bitten by those pesky mosquitoes.

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>>> on yahoo, help for all of us constantly being attacked by mosquitos. up to 20% of us are desirable for the pests depending on a couple of factors. so a little quiz. take a look at this list. guess which of these factors does not make you more likely to be bitten by mosquitos. a, people with type o blood , b, beer drinkers. c, wearing floral perfume, or d, being out in a full moon .

>> i would say beer drinkers.

>> i'm with savannah on that one.

>> i'm going with the perfume.

>> i say beer.

>> no, the answer is c, wearing floral perfume does not make you more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitos.

>> because they're going for the carbon dioxide.

>> you can keep wearing that floral perfume.

>>> which of these does not make you more susceptible to mosquitos, having foot odor , being pregnant or exercising, wearing dark clothing, or having black hair .

>> black hair .

>> dark clothing.

>> i'm going to go with dark clothing.

>> yeah, dark clothing.

>> it's black hair .

>> interesting. got that one savannah.

>> those others are all things that will get you bitten. if you're a beer drinking man with type o blood on a full moon night, you're toast.

>> with foot odor .

>> exactly right.

>> winner.

>> but no one else wants you but the mosquitos.

>> you're repelling more than mosquitos. you're not attracting anybody but