TODAY   |  July 16, 2013

LA protests against Zimmerman verdict turn violent

Fourteen people were arrested in Los Angeles after another night of protests over the acquittal of George Zimmerman over the weekend, putting the LAPD on tactical alert.

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>> here in the overnight violence in california where peaceful protest over the acquittal of george zimmerman deteriorated into a heated clash.

>> they're beating somebody up and they just robbed somebody.

>> the l.a.p.d. went on tactical alert after 150 people took to the streets of southwest los angeles overnight vandalizing businesses and attacking bystanders.

>> unfortunately the rights of the many have been abused by the actions of a few.

>> reporter: protests across the city started off peaceful until a small faction of violent protestors swarmed motorists jumping on to cars and shutting down major intersections. l.a. new mayor said the mob sought to exploit the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin.

>> the martin family was clear that those that sympathize with their plight, the best way to honor their son and their loved ones is in a nonviolent manner.

>> reporter: a local reporter and camera man were assaulted. a photographer was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.