TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Simple tips to manage stress, achieve serenity

Prevention magazine’s Siobhan O’Connor has suggestions to achieve calm in your life; wake up early and stretch, meditate outside, and smile to boost your mood.

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>>> kids, jobs, money, relationships, animal segments. demands of daily life can be overwhelming but there are some simple things you can do as part of your normal routine to calm your mind and body.

>> here to put us on the footh serenity with ways to destress is chivan o'connor from "prevention" magazine.

>> help us.

>> you just had a crazy segment.

>> right.

>> we combed scientific research and found seven recent studies that can help you keep a cool head when things start heating up.

>> most think they need a vacation. you can't always have one or afford it.

>> it starts the second you wake up in the morning. a calm mind starts when you wake up. what we tend to do is sleep walk our way through the coffeemaker or hit snooze. do a little stretching in bed before you get up. you don't have to be a yogi. just pull your knees into your chest. stretch both sides of your body. calms your nervous system.

>> okay. meditation for a lot of people is something. the day is so hectic and chaotic, you don't really have time.

>> i'd be in an asylum or somebody would be dead if i didn't do that.

>> meditation is another word for mindfulness. we suggest you take it outside. the benefits are manyfold if you do it that way. you are centering your mind, staying in the present moment . you are just focusing on the present moment .

>> waking up with a moment of gratitude that you're still here.

>> got a post, you got a purpose.

>> sometimes i listen to music but a lot of my friends don't. they soak in their surroundings.

>> the kind of music you like.

>> come on.

>> it's not serene.

>> it's better to just stay quiet. just focus.

>> okay. you say give yourself a ding every day.

>> you want to do this before you get really messed up or wound up about something. set a timer. 60 seconds is all it takes. mindfulness, quiet time . i like to do this in the bathroom where no one will disturb you. set a timer for 60 seconds . chill out, 60 seconds and you're done.

>> maybe you should do that before you tweet.

>> we do. so gardening has amazing benefits. it's good to have plants around you or get the bottled version. a whole bunch of different scents. any health food store has them. find a scent that speaks to you. we like lang lang and orange.

>> what do you do with it?

>> put a little on a tissue and inhale the tissue or dilute it in another oil and put it on your body, your pulse points.

>> a lot of people say if you smile fake it until you make it like it's a good idea.

>> i did this on the way over here. i was stuck in traffic. sometimes you have to fake it to make it. it sends the same messages to your brain as a real smile.

>> it does?

>> it does. it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you are smiling, even if you are faking it.

>> they say if you help someone else, that's the best way to help yourself .

>> it's amazing we do research on these kibd kinds of things that should seem so obvious. thank you. people would have nothing to read in your magazine if you didn't, though, right? thank you.