TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Near-triple digit temperatures to impact millions

The intense heat being felt across the United States isn’t going away anytime soon, with temperatures holding their ground in the high 90s throughout the rest of the week.

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>>> thank you. al has his high on that oppressive heat wave stretching from the midwest to the northeast this morning. he's outside in the thick of it. good morning.

>> it is very close willie. here's the culprit. huge area of high pressure . this dome of high pressure has a clockwise flow of air. it's keeping the jet stream way up to the north and as it does it's going to be pumping in that warm, humid air. we have excessive heat warnings in jersey and parts of pennsylvania. we have heat advisories and excessive heat watches up into new england. 50 million people effected by this. hazey, hot and humid. it's the feels like temperature. 102 in richmond. over 105 in washington d.c. cleveland 100. 100 in boston. new york city will feel like 101 and these temperatures and heat indexes will continue right into friday. dangerous conditions. make sure you stay hydrated. drink plenty of fluids. make sure you wear light colored clothing and please check on your elderly neighbors because they are very susceptible to this kind