TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Animal party! Bird makes KLG, Hoda scream

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassador Julie Scardina introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to a puffin, a hornbill, a cotton-top tamarin and a tamandua. (The big hornbill causes quite a stir when he takes off and flies around Studio 1A.)

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>>> okay. we are back with today's call of the wild . some cute critters from seaworld and busch gardens .

>> since bringing a dolphin into our studio is impossible --

>> amazing animals. okay.

>> anyhoo.

>> you are the one the animals like.

>> i held him for five minutes before we got on camera.

>> tell us about this puffin.

>> we'll tell you about a bunch of organizations doing great things for animals just like seaworld and busch gardens . we're going to start with project puffin which makias is representing. she was hatched out at seaworld of texas. you can just go like this. right down the hatch. these guys live off the islands off of maine. and many years ago, we had actually hunted these guys. their eggs and feathers and for meat, almost to extinction here in maine. so basically project puffin restored the population. we have our keepers who actually go down there. linda will come on and grab makias from you. went down there and worked on metinicus rock with the puffins there.

>> okay. what's next.

>> so hoda, you were so good with that bird, we've got one that's slightly larger for you. hold out your arm, hoda.

>> i am not --

>> hold out your arm.

>> tell me when it's over.

>> you're going to help feed. all right. here we go.

>> now go ahead and use your hand. he's very gentle.

>> no, he's not.

>> you feed him.

>> he is very gentle.

>> he's got my hairdo.

>> will he take it right out of there?

>> yes, he will. why should i lose a finger.

>> this is a hornbill. out in the wild, they lay two eggs but only the first chick survives. so we actually help to raise the second chick up and then return that one to the wild. population of this vulnerable bird can hopefully be restored as well.

>> hoda, you are so good. i am so proud of you.

>> can i get him off.

>> turn your arm around and he'll slide back to melissa .

>> she was going for your bracelet. all right. melissa will get him going.

>> come on, melissa .

>> he's like, i'm staying.

>> all right. and here you can have your bracelet back. he likes that.

>> not leaving while there's food there.

>> oh, no.

>> bye, camera two. oh, my god.

>> oh, no.

>> he's called a ground hornbill .

>> he's gone.

>> wow.

>> that's okay. we love having fun.

>> what is that?

>> all right. next we've got a little critter here. this is a cotton top tamarin.

>> like a monkey?

>> yes it is a primate.

>> cute.

>> critically endangered. only 6,000 of them left in a very small area of colombia. but we work with prioecto to protect the forest.

>> we're not going to have time for the next one.

>> we'll do it really quick over here.

>> he made the trip. the least we can do.

>> this is cypress born at discovery cove . and we can see we've got little animals climbing all over the place.

>> we're going to give you seven ways to help you find your -- what is it?