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TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

KLG, Hoda try new dessert sensation: The Crookie!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a bite out of a new dessert whipped up by the Canadian bakery Clafouti: a combination of a croissant and Oreo cookies.

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>>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hey, everybody. thanks so much for being with us today. it is fun day monday. it's july 15th . where's the summer going?

>> oh, my god, you're right.

>> it's flying right by. and it's going to be a scorcher all week long. if you are looking for the hot part of summer, it's supposed to be this week in most parts of the country.

>> a big weekend . lots of news.

>> saturday night, at around 10:00 , the jury was announced in the trayvon martin/ george zimmerman trial. and george zimmerman was acquitted in that case. and a lot of people it raised a lot of emotions. and i think because it fell on a saturday night at 10:00 it was probably one of those that the eyes of the nation weren't all focused because people on weekends tend to do what they are doing in their lives.

>> they aren't sitting by the television waiting for the most part.

>> lots been talked about. we don't want to talk it to death. but one of the things interesting were the celebs who were tweeting kind of when they were angry --

>> the minute they heard the verdict.

>> and i don't think -- sometimes celebs don't realize when they tweet something, they aren't just voicing their own opinion, which is fine, but they have 1.8 million followers who could be on the verge of being inflamed. who knows.

>> they could incite violence by whatever they say.

>> one of the tweets. new york giants victor cruz who is a great guy, by the way. i've seen at many events and a kind-hearted guy tweeted thoroughly confused. zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up to him. he ended up apologizing, deleting and sending five more tweets apologize. roddy white said all them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid. he later apologized for that. richard dreyfuss said it's 2013 and an american jury just acquitted a man who admitted to stalking and killing an unarmed child. anyway.

>> and it goes on.

>> but if you listen to trayvon's own parents, which is really --

>> i am so impressed with them. they're unbelievablunbelievable.

>> amazing.

>> tracy martin tweeted even though i'm broken hearted , my faith is unshattered. i will always love my baby. the brother of george zimmerman also tweeted our whole family is -- i don't have the rest of that.

>> our whole family is relieved. today i'm proud to be an american . god bless america . thank you for your prayers. of course it depends on which side you were on. but the thing is, we can never know what that jury was going through. you know, these are six women, which -- florida is an unusual state in many ways. six people and people get mad at a jury but the truth is juries are chosen by both sets of attorneys. when they do the selection. so you can't, after the fact, be upset about it because everybody -- both sides agreed these were the six people they were going to have on the jury.

>> most were saying the prosecution didn't do a good job proving its case and the two charges they had against george zimmerman , they didn't have the -- they didn't have the impact to convict him on either of those two charges. most people were saying from what the jury saw and heard --

>> from the evidence that was allowed in, they made what most professionals, it seems to me, said that's the only one they actually could because of the law which is the stand your ground law in florida.

>> i think there's a legal thing and then an emotional and moral thing. you think, if i were driving a car down the street, fell asleep and hit someone accidentally and killed them, i would be charged with something involuntary. something. like something happened. and i think when common sense comes in people go, wait. that wasn't nothing. something happened there. but what's the something?

>> an innate sense we ul want justice but we can't know what actually went on that night between those two people. we just can't know. and i think the last gentleman who testified on the forensic evidence was, you know, after that it was all over, i think.

>> yeah, i think so.

>> you know how i felt about this from the beginning. i thought that many in the media made it out to be immediately racial. and there are, what, 300 murders like that every -- and why this particular one? and to me it's almost like when we have an election. and the person you wanted to win doesn't win, that's our system. and we have to respect it. and we have to abide by the rules. and we can't rule by mob in our country no matter what because you'll be on the other side of it sometimes.

>> let's move on.

>> let's talk about --

>> well, they are actually crookies.

>> oh, crookies. we have the cronuts.

>> it's so passe.

>> we have some breaking news. i don't know if anyone has even seen this crookie. it's its first outing. it's from a bakery in toronto.

>> it came over the --

>> over across the border.

>> it came across the border thanks to amanda .

>> amanda is one of our producers. they said they could not ship this in time. amanda on vacation nearby said i will stop by and get them. so she smuggled them across the border.

>> it was excellent.

>> it's called --

>> amanda , you are looking good.

>> so it's a combination of a croissant and an oreo cookie in it. let's taste it.

>> i just got the croissant part. you are the sweet girl. you go. $3 each.

>> wait. is that canadian or american?

>> canadian. $3 canadian.

>> how is it? light?

>> yeah. i could use a few more oreos in there.

>> of course you could. why don't you take your own oreo and stuff it in there.

>> we should point out, we were just talking about the zimmerman trial. zimmerman had a lot of supporters also online. and in -- on twitter and stuff. so it wasn't all just one sided. okay. and it's time for the royal baby watch. and you know who was at her post?

>> natalie .

>> natalie morales .

>> the first to arrive outside royal -- the st. mary's hospital in paddington. we've got a little delay.

>> right. this is where she's expected to deliver. hi, guys. yeah, so any minute now, i'm waiting, as is everybody else . the media here, they've all staked out their territory. a couple of weeks ago. our nbc crew, they got here late june. and carved out a perfect little path right here for us. so tells you how much is invested in capturing the first photos and capturing that moment when william and kate will expectedly walk the little baby out and display the baby to the world. already causing such buzz.

>> natalie , you have had two children --

>> they will want to come out and display the baby. yes.

>> at some point. you've had two babies. you know that baby arrives when god says it's time. you know?

>> absolutely. the storks i thought, too, yeah, exactly.

>> but, i mean --

>> kate 's mom did leave a little indicator. didn't she say something about the baby is going to be a leo? what's that story?

>> well, here's the interesting point is that it's emerged in the press that people are now thinking, well, this so-called rumored due date of this past weekend saturday, specifically the 13th, may actually be august 23rd now, which would put us into next week because apparently carol middleton dropped that the baby is going to be a leo. so now everybody is sort of like, well, maybe this wasn't the due date , especially because prince william was seen along with harry playing polo.

>> 100 miles away . why would he go 150 miles -- 100 miles away from here and play polo if he knew the baby was going to come at any moment, even though he is a helicopter pilot and he could get a helicopter and get here as quickly as he could to be by her bedside. kate was also spending the weekend with her own family in bucklebury. so a lot of question as to, they know a lot more than we do certainly when it comes to --

>> i hope you packed a lot of spanx because you may be there a while.

>> i may be here a while. i'm doing a lot of shopping. i figured the longer this goes on we can come up with a royal baby drinking game. so every time i say royal baby and there's still no royal baby, we have to --

>> we have our sippie cups. we have mama's sippy cups. wine in a sippy cup . natalie , we're saving one for you.

>> love you, natalie . that is one of our favorite things. favorite things, this is a sippy cup . there's a woman named -- well, we'll call her square peg. she works in rehoboth. she sent you and me both little gift baskets. and one of them that wound up in this was a sippy cup which has a nice glass of wine and you can drink out of it. anyway, square peg that's the website.

>> now my favorite is something called -- they were heroes. it's the granite mountain hot shots . these are the 19 brave unbelievable firefighters who lost their lives on june 30th while fighting the yarnell hill wildfire. these are $20 each. and $15 of that goes to the hot shots and the families. can you imagine? the families they left behind. for more information go to, i think it's

>> that's great.

>> sara?

>> mine is not so meaningful. it's an old navy tank. i wear tanks under almost everything. this happens to be a fun new with the lace but they have the perfect ribbed tanks and i probably own 100 of them and they're only $8.

>> oh, i love that.

>> that's a good one.

>> and a tank doesn't need to be really expensive.

>> those white tanks you can get those in the drug store . those are great. the men's tanks are great for that, too.

>> over the weekend, i wasn't able to go to savannah 's wonderful party that matt threw her. i 3rd wheard it was sensational. i had a friend that was dieing in the hospital, someone i've told you about for years. precious dana marella who has been battling a disease since she was a 5-year-old little girl . she passed away on friday. so tomorrow i won't be here. i'm going to be actually at her funeral. but i wanted you all to know that thank you for your prayers for her but tomorrow night, i will be at -- can you go back, please. i'm going to be at the barnes & noble on 86th street in manhattan with carolee carmelo singing three songs from the "scandalous" cast album. my love and prayers out to the marella family.

>> i know. it's tough.

>> it's very, very tough.