TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Candy Spelling: Gift-wrap room was ‘therapeutic’

Reality star Candy Spelling is giving people an inside look at how she is renovating her $47 million condo on the HGTV show “Beyond Spelling Manor.” She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how she negotiated to get extra amenities and offers decorating advice to a few viewers.

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>>> we are back with more of "today." she had only 30 days to do it.

>> and more than 4 million people watched as candy spelling packed up her things and moved from her legendary 56,000-square-foot mansion, spelling manor. that's 123 rooms of stuff. really nice stuff.

>> now on hgtv's "beyond spelling manor" candy puts on her hard hat to tackle renovating her new digs, a $47 million penthouse condo. but one question remains. how to downsize the gift wrap room. take a look.

>> in the manor, i have three gift wrap rooms. in the condo here, i have one. i needed three because aaron had seven hours of primetime television on at one time and we had over 1,000 gifts of which i wrapped every one of them. now my life has calmed down and it's -- i only need one wrap room.

>> oh, my god. the gift wrap room.

>> cheaper than a psychiatrist, right?

>> absolutely. absolutely. it was very therapeutic. i loved it.

>> so it took so many years to build up that -- the manor that you had to get it all just right. disassembling it must have been extremely difficult for you.

>> emotionally as well because you spent so many happy years there with aaron.

>> not only emotionally. i'm really still going through the emotions now because i'm still -- i'm now going through all this stuff.

>> you put a lot in storage because you went down to -- is it 19,000 square feet , the new condo?

>> right.

>> so you took the top two floors of the penthouse in this brand new gorgeous building called the century in l.a. the views are amazing.

>> yes.

>> and she --

>> when they said you cannot have a rose garden , what did you say?

>> i said, of course i can have a rose garden .

>> they said you can't have a pool you said?

>> of course i can have a pool.

>> how did you get those things you weren't supposed to have?

>> well it kind of happened that we -- i had a wish list of things that i wanted. they wanted me in the building, and a couple times i started to walk away. so we really went back --

>> negotiations. yes. i have been one time to your house before on your 25th wedding anniversary and i just thought how genius in this huge, huge home. you decorated every inch of it and you thought you were in the warmest, coziest home. you made nooks. beautiful nooks.

>> i'm looking fo ining forward to seeing what you've done in l.a.

>> we have people who sent in pictures and need help with decorating.

>> they are on a budget, candy, so consider that.

>> brittany wants to spruce up -- we should have a photo popping up of her living room . how would you spruce that up?

>> all right. first of all, i think that the orange chair in between the two brown sofas kind of looks like it was added in there and maybe --

>> stuck in a corner there.

>> i'd take and move it on to the other side of the room if they feel they have to have it for seating. i would remove the carpet that's on top of the carpet and pick which -- i think which coffee table they like the best and put that. because once this sofa is moved over, it won't look so cluttered and it won't look like two different tables.

>> here's a picture that jean sent in. let's look at this next one. what would you do to this one with the fireplace.

>> ah-ha. okay. first of all, i would, one half of the room is green and one half of the room is white. and i think the left side of the fireplace, i would paint that white up to the -- if they feel they have to have the green up to the corner so both walls match. and i think i would take the frame off around the air conditioning unit so it doesn't make it stand out like it's a piece of artwork.

>> what about all the knickknacks and stuff?

>> i would get rid of some of them. pick your favorite things and just put them out so they look more important than, you know.

>> all right.

>> and one other thing i know that unless they love lavender, i have gone --

>> i have gone to the fabric store and gotten inexpensive fabric and just made a little slip cover for my dog's favorite bed to match the room.

>> we wish you all the