TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Creative new uses for five common household items

Brit Morin of Brit + Co. shares tips and tricks for making things easier around the home, including using spaghetti as a match for hard-to-reach candles and using a comb to avoid hitting your fingers when hammering nails.

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>> but what common household items can do double duty saw saving you time and money. she's here with tips and tricks, good ones, for making things easier around the house.

>> good morning.

>> good morning you guys.

>> i have spent my summer with these popsicles. lo them.

>> warm outside.

>> but the warmer it is the messier it gets.

>> no one wants sticky fingers . i'll make you guys do a lot of these things. we cut little slits in the bottom of the cupcake liners so you put your popsicle right through here and it catches the dip. isn't that smart.

>> i don't have a slit.

>> those are not the done ones.

>> okay.

>> al.

>> we only split one for jenna today. but you can punch it through. it's that easy.

>> beautiful. all right. next. we have hard to reach candles around your house and sometimes it's really hard to light these things without lighting your finger so we'll make you guys do these. stake a spaghetti stick and light your spaghetti stick.

>> uncooked spaghetti.

>> just making sure.

>> that would make it so much harder.

>> all right. there you go.

>> they're like s'mores.

>> yeah. so once that's lit you want to put it in here. you have to lean it in here. these are on the table.

>> light my fire .

>> exactly.

>> look at that.

>> there you go.

>> okay. look at that.

>> all right. that worked out well.

>> it didn't light. okay right.

>> how romantical.

>> heat and humidity trying to keep your potato chip crisp is hard.

>> if you don't want to use it to light your candles you can use old pringles cans to store your spaghetti. it's actually great for storing rice, all kinds of other dry goods as well. you can decorate your cans to not look like pringles can. the perfect size. so reuse that. this one i love. it's a way to water proof your shoes really easily.

>> canvas shoes.

>> it's perfect for beach season and rainy season . take a little bees wax and just start rubbing really roughly on your shoe. there you go. and then you take a blow drier and iron it until it's dry.

>> this will water proof the show.

>> this waterproofs the show. we have this one done here. it can drip on top. you see the bubbles forming. isn't that amazing?

>> and you can really news these.

>> it's perfect.

>> you know, you're missing a speaker, you have a little party breaking out.

>> a dance party happening. you have a little bit of this going on. it's not that loud.

>> you shouldn't have anymore than that.

>> put it in a bowl and it's so much louder.

>> if you want to make it even louder put a microphone in it.

>> yes, it's amazing.

>> ironing.

>> your collars are okay today.

>> but if it wasn't.

>> exactly so this hair straighter is a great tool for on the go collar ironing. you can see here we're just ironing this down. i can touch you upright here. you have a little wrinkle.

>> do you have a hair straighter at home?

>> i do. i use it too much. it's a great trick to straighten up your collars.

>> this is a good one.

>> this is amazing. i don't know about you guys but i always hammer my fingers after i'm ironing my collars. so an easy way not to hammer your fingers to use a comb. please grab the hammer. we're going to walk over here and i'm going to hold the nail in place and you go.

>> look at that.

>> look at that.

>> fantastic.

>> no fingers harmed. just like that.